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Physical Magic

“Physical Magic” premiered at the Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City in 1999 for an extended run. It was the first production from Physical Magic Spectacles.

Physical Magic® is the unique combination of inconceivable illusions, physical comedy, sensational aerial performances, driving dance sequences, synergistic displays of balance and strength, exhilarating escapes, dazzling lighting effects, and eccentric, dynamic and luminous characters wrapped into a fantastic story of transformation.

A hit with audiences worldwide, Physical Magic has played arena venues, casinos and performing arts venues worldwide.

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The show is a celebration of the physical body, demonstrating the magic of its capabilities. Physical Magic is a visual kaleidoscope of unbelievable elements, some physical, some magical, and some both! The show blurs the line between physical reality and magical fantasy, taking the audience on a visual journey of the imagination. At the end of the journey, the audience realizes that life contains
a little bit of both elements, and the physical body itself contains something magical.

Physical Magic contains no spoken words, and the story is an individual interpretation by the audience member of the unique visual images, heart pounding live percussion, and seductive live guitar of the show. This creates a unique personal experience and lasting memory for each audience member.

Physical Magic has toured worldwide, receiving standing ovations in arena shows (MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas), performing arts venues (Union Colony Civic Center, Colorado), casinos (Trump Plaza, Atlantic City; Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, Tunica), and outdoor performances (MIKSOM Amphitheater, Fortaleza, Brazil).

The Physical Magic 15th anniversary remaster CD is set for release in December 2015.

The Physical Magic original soundtrack is an eclectic mix of world-beat sounds, pulsating percussion and the edginess of rock and roll guitars. Listeners are lulled into breathtaking soundscape only to be awakened by gritty guitars driving the score.

With additional arrangements by famed Cirque du Soleil composer, Rene Duperé, the Physical Magic soundtrack retains the quirky ‘cirque’ sounds and mixes them with a more modern electronica sounds.

Original Compositions and Arrangements by Nicholas Duperé. Additional Arrangements by Rene Duperé. Electric Guitar Arrangments by Francis Arnolodo & Nicholas Duperé. Engineering and Mixing by Robert Martin. Spooked Mixing by Nicholas Duperé. Mastering by Serge Locat. Electric Guitar by Pascual Dufour. Zimmer Lux Guitar by Francis Arnoldo. Violin by Stephan Arman. Cello by Raphael Hoekman. Drums by Marc Bonneau. Reordered and Mixed at Great Risk Studios Montreal, Canada. Remastered for 2015 re-release by Tom Reeves. Produced by Michael McPherson.

Physical Magic® is available for booking for multi-week engagements worldwide. The show has been designed to perform in a theater and is best presented in this type of venue.


The Physical Magic® production includes the following:

  • Original Soundtrack from the Physical Magic® production written, orchestrated and recorded by the Physical Magic® creative team. (Original soundtracks can be previewed on the iTunes store or on the POET Theatricals Site under the “Media” tab.)
  • Show Costuming, Props and Equipment.
  • Digital audio playback, time code and show control.
  • Lighting Control.
  • Digital media servers, video projectors and video distribution.
  • High-speed performer flying winches, winch power distribution and acrobatic rigging.
  • Production soft goods.
  • Production sets.


Shipping requirements can be scaled depending on show size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance. The show can adapt to existing staging, lighting and rigging layouts. POET Theatricals’ goal is to reduce the preproduction cost and installation of the show as much as possible, and we work with presenters to trim these expenses.

Examples of shipping requirements are:

Full Set The “Full Set” production includes the entire hard set of the show and the “soft set”. This version includes all of the stair units, multi level sets, magic illusions and other stage elements. This version travels in two 53’ truck or three 40’ oceangoing containers (for overseas productions).

Turn-key Our “turn-key” production package adds all lighting, sound, venue required soft goods, venue rigging and staging for the show in a complete turn-key package. This additional technical support travels in 1 or 2, 53-foot tractor trailers, depending on the level of production support required for the venue.


Physical Magic® uses a traveling cast of 16 comedians, musicians, illusionists, acrobats, character performers, specialty acts and aerialists.

Crew size is 5 persons: 1 Company manager, 1 Technical director, 1 FOH operator (lighting, media and show control), 1 Stage Technician, and 1 lead rigger/ acrobatic rigger.

A. Physical Magic® is a spectacle production that’s fuses physical acrobatic performances, aerial performance and large-scale grand illusions.
A. The show is appropriate for ages 10 years and higher.
A. The show was originally designed to be performed in a theater, and is best presented in this type of venue due to the lighting effects and magic illusions performed.
A. Loading in the production depends on access to the space, but Physical Magic® takes about 3 days to load in all elements.
A. There are 16 performers in the production comprised of comedians, musicians, illusionists, acrobats, character performers, specialty acts and aerialists.
A. The soundtrack is an original score written for the production. The soundtrack can be previewed on the Apple iTunes store.
A. The show can be scaled for as short as 30 minutes to as long as 90 minutes.
A. The show travels with its own performer flying automation and technicians to operate and is included in the cost of the show. The venue however must be able to support the rigging loads and have appropriate hang points to mount the show’s equipment.
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