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Entertainment Marketing for the World’s Largest Brands

Marketing with live entertainment is complex. Good thing we’re experts.

Live Performances
Different Productions
Years Producing

Entertainment is all around us, in what we see, in what we taste, and in what we touch. It can be found in art, in food, in architecture and in technology.

Creating live entertainment is a unique combination of specialized skills that is polished over years, across thousands of live productions, and millions of people’s reactions. With over 20 years of experience in the live entertainment industry and thousands of live presentations across millions of spectators, the POET Companies create live entertainment experiences with true personal impact.

From launching new products, creating new entertainment mediums, to producing award-winning theatrical entertainment, we are always creating environments and experiences that take people away from the every day.

Inspire your audience and partner with a team that can take you there. Contact us today to get started.



Digital content marketing and search engine optimization for business.


Live entertainment and entertainment marketing for corporate events.


Theatrical live entertainment marketing for casinos, theaters, resorts and custom venues.


Performer flying effects, entertainment software solutions, and technical production services.


Creative entertainment and marketing design services for business.


Theatrical live entertainment and entertainment production services for cruise ships.

POET Media is a boutique digital marketing company that creates, implements and operates online content-focused marketing campaigns for businesses to increase search engine ranking. Our primary focus is to help our clients find their story and share it online.

Tomorrow’s customer wants to partner with, and buy from, brands that are transparent and inclusive. Prospective customers are using search engines (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) to research products, pricing and the story behind the product or service before purchasing.

Think about your own behavior. When you are looking for something or trying to find out more information about a product, what do you do? Google it. The brand name “Google” is now even used as a verb. Google has spent billions (and still does) and has made it their mission to deliver the best answers to its customer’s questions. It is what they do.


As a business marketing itself online, you have to ask yourself three simple questions (we have also added answers):

A. Know the rules, work smart, work hard, and be consistent.
A. Repeat the above, but now work even harder as everyone else is aiming for your top spot.

OK, it takes a lot of work. So what do I do now? The solution is simple. Be the best answer to your customer’s questions. Provide those answers. Be transparent. Answer the tough questions. Share knowledge about your field. Be the industry expert. In short:


The solution is simple, but getting there is difficult. Effective online marketing campaigns use sound short-term tactics with a close eye on the long-term overall strategy. Businesses spend years perfecting great service or manufacturing a superior product. There are no shortcuts to success in business and there are no shortcuts to becoming the recognized industry expert (and getting to the top of the search rankings).

There is no easy path to the “first page of Google”, contrary to what the thousands of spam emails from SEO agencies promise.

It goes back to that timeless advice we were given:

“If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

Smart Person




POET Media’s digital content marketing philosophy employs the principle of


In the “review” stage, POET Media examines several portions of your online presence. First, we analyze your online content, focusing on what you are saying to your customers.

Next, we review your company’s primary digital footprint, which in our opinion should be your website. We perform a detailed analysis of your business’s website looking for potential issues that could penalize and lower search ranking results such as:

Internal thin or duplicate content issues.

External duplicate content issues.

Load speed and site performance issues.

Structural issues such as dual indexing, title tags, meta description, or broken links.

Finally, we analyze your current online marketing campaign.


In the next phase, the POET Media team works with you and your team to focus and streamline your business’s online message – your story and how it relates to your customer.

Our content team then fixes existing thin and duplicate content issues by rewriting all of the content on your website, with focus on the streamlined messaging.

We can provide your engineering team with a blueprint of required structural fixes (for load speed, dual indexing, title tag, meta description, broken links) or our team of software engineers can perform this service.


Once the website is optimized for search engines and any ranking penalties are removed, the next step is promoting your business’s story. The POET Media team does both through onsite content creation and marketing, as well as offsite tactics to increase search engine rank.

In this stage, we focus on employing the tactics needed to make your company the answer to all of your customer’s questions. All of our tactics revolve around creating entertaining, informative content that answers your customer’s questions and adds value to their search engine inquiries. We monitor campaign performance in our recurring online marketing packages, constantly shifting budget to areas that are most effective for our clients.

Interested in learning more about how POET Media’s online marketing programs can drive more sales for your business?

For over 20 years, POET Events has worked with some of the world’s largest companies on new product launches, corporate special events, business sessions, convention and trade show events, and incentive events.

POET Events has produced corporate entertainment for some of the world’s largest corporations, including IBM, Oracle, FIAT, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Bayer and Allergan and has worked with some of the leading corporate event planners executing their corporate event entertainment concepts. We have customized and produced live entertainment segments of POET Theatricals’ public show roster and have also created unique live entertainment productions, conceived constructed and executed to the clients’ specifications. As a corporate event entertainment and marketing company, we are known for leveraging our years of experience producing in the public live entertainment market into corporate special event entertainment, resulting in unique attendee experiences and events with lasting impact.

Lower Cost

Easy Integration

Reduced Risk

Better Results

Customization of an existing live entertainment production to fit with corporate messaging, event theming or corporate entertainment idea has many benefits, and there is a tremendous flexibility in presentation styles of entertainment for corporate events. The wide variety of different types of corporate events (conventions, trade shows, incentive events, dinners, business sessions, product launches, product reveals or award shows for example) creates unique opportunities for inserting entertainment in unusual locations or in unexpected points in the event timeline. We are always open to exploring new ways to present event entertainment to heighten the guest experience. Over the past 20 years, we have crafted our corporate entertainment productions to be modular and adaptable for these various types of corporate events. Just of few of the synergies and benefits or modular and adaptable live entertainment include reduction of overall event production costs, ease of implementation, reduction of risk and ultimately results in a better overall guest live entertainment event experience.


As part of The POET Companies, POET Events has the ability to leverage original live entertainment from over 28 different live public entertainment productions into their clients’ custom corporate entertainment productions. POET Theatricals’ library of pre-produced entertainment gives a corporate event producer access to over 12 million dollars of capital expenditure in custom live entertainment elements created over a 20-year period.

Examples of some of these assets and potential include:

  • Several choices of custom-built gala and award presentation sets featuring grand curving staircases and integrated LED video and lighting effects.
  • Modern custom sets with custom curved truss towers configurable into a multitude of different event configurations.
  • Large multilevel theatrical sets featuring faux brick walls and antique theatrical props.
  • Unique video projection effects that can be used both on stage or in ambient applications.
  • DMX controlled mobile rain curtains and mobile performance stage.
  • 60’ wide by 11’ tall DMX controlled louvered blind system suitable for projection effects.
  • Custom-built scenic motorized DMX controlled roll drops.
  • Colored flame and propane special effects.
  • One of the world’s largest inventories of custom performer flying effects and infrastructure, suitable for both aerial acrobatic performance as well as for executive of business session presenter flying.
  • 10 original full-length theatrical soundtracks.
  • 11 original recordings of pop, rock and musical theater soundtracks.
  • Costume inventory of over 7500 costumes.
  • Large inventory of grand illusions ranging from small appearances and effects to full size stage illusion and 40 person magical appearances.

Access to this extensive inventory of unique special live entertainment effects and show content library enables the corporate event producer to mix and match to create a custom live experience for their guests. Attendee perception risk is also reduced dramatically for the corporate entertainment event producer using elements from the POET Theatricals’ live entertainment library versus creating a “one-off” effect or live entertainment segment. Elements from POET Theatricals’ live shows are proven live entertainment elements, performed in thousands of live productions and seen by millions of people. These elements have been rehearsed, honed and polished over years of live performance for maximum impact.





Live event costs, client perception of value and ROE (return on entertainment) has become critically important as corporate special event budgets have shrunk. Through the reuse of custom-built entertainment infrastructure, corporate event producers and corporate event planners can create a live entertainment event experience at a fraction of the cost and time investment, versus creating complex elements. An example would be using one of the POET Theatricals’ gala sets for a corporate event. These impressive and imposing gala sets were constructed over a four-month period out of solid aluminum, custom powder coated in a multistage process, at a cost of over $500,000 each, well beyond the budget of a one-night corporate event. With a rental price of 10% of the original build cost ($50,000), this set is now easily within the budget for a large corporate event and delivers 10 times the visual impact versus constructing a $50,000 one-time use set.

Using this asset-leveraging concept, combined with modular and flexible entertainment segments across a corporate live entertainment event, enables POET Events to deliver unique, spectacular corporate entertainment at attractive price points, thrilling their audiences and delivering tremendous return on entertainment for their clients.

Interested in learning more about POET Events and how to get started producing with POET?

POET Theatricals, the live theatrical entertainment production subsidiary of The POET Companies, has produced 28 different award-winning, full-length, public live theatrical productions since 1999, enjoyed by over eight million spectators in over six thousand live performances.

POET Theatricals produces live cirque style productions, dance productions, special effects spectaculars, ice skating shows, interactive entertainment, holiday shows, illusion productions, revues and musical theater shows under multiple brand names:

Cirque Noel ®

Cirque Noel ®, holiday themed cirque-style theatrical circus productions.

Cirque Us ®

Cirque Us ®, interactive audience participatory cirque-style performances.

Cirque on Ice ®

Cirque on Ice ®, theatrical cirque-style performance fused with ice skating.

Circo Luci ®

Circo Luci ®, cirque-style theatrical circuses performed on land and at sea.

Ghostlight ® Theatricals

Ghostlight ® Theatricals, musical theater revue productions and performances.

Physical Magic ®

Physical Magic ® Spectacles, spectacle productions and mega-extravaganzas in casinos, theaters, cruise vessels and dance performances.

Cirque Nutcracker ®

Cirque Nutcracker ®, holiday themed cirque-style theatrical circus production fused with ballet.

As live entertainment consumption has changed, POET Theatricals has worked to infuse its original live entertainment into new types of spaces, bringing in non-traditional entertainment into traditional venues (full scale theatrical cirque style shows to theaters on cruise ships for example), traditional entertainment morphed into interactive audience participatory shows (Cirque Us for example), traditional forms of entertainment fused together to create non-traditional experiences (Cirque on Ice and Physical Magic shows for example), and even fusing non-traditional entertainment forms (food and drink fused with live performances). Some of the more exciting new concepts in entertainment involve the combination of non-traditional entertainment such as architectural entertainment (“architainment” of theming), traditional theater productions (cirque-style performances for example) and retail experiences.


In 1999, POET Theatricals successfully fused aerial performance, grand illusion, European-style circus arts (also known as “cirque-style”) and physical acrobatics to create the original “Physical Magic” show and the Physical Magic® brand, taking these unique live shows to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Trump Plaza Atlantic City, Casino Estoril and Casino Figueira in Portugal, on tour internationally, and at sea world-wide.

Physical Magic productions have included the release of 4 all-original soundtracks (Physical Magic, Luminaire, Four and Visions) that are available on iTunes. For productions that use non-original music (contemporary pop or rock soundtracks), soundtracks have been originally recorded for the productions.

Physical Magic® live shows include:

  • Physical Magic the show that opened in 1999 at Trump Plaza Casino, Atlantic City for an extended 12-week performance run.
  • Luminaire® in 2001 in Kadena, Japan.
  • Dezire: Temptations of Touch® opening at Casino Figueira in Portugal in 2005 for an extended 12-month run.
  • Four: Spirit of the Elements opening at Europe’s largest casino, Casino Estoril, in Portugal in 2007 for an extended 18-month run.
  • Pulse® opening at sea in 2008 for an 8-year performance run.
  • Visions: the Spirit of Dreams opening at Europe’s largest casino, Casino Estoril, in Portugal in 2008 for an extended 12-month run.
  • Remix opening at sea in 2009 for a 7-year performance run.
  • Edge opening at sea in 2010 for a 6-year performance run.
  • Velocity opening at sea in 2011 for a 5-year performance run.
  • Momentum opening at sea in 2012 for a 4-year performance run.


In 2003, POET Theatricals launched the Circo Luci® brand of theatrical circus that has since grown to over 12 different live theatrical circus shows across multiple circus themed brands.

These productions include:

  • Circo Luci, the cirque spectacular, premiering in 2003 at the Sycuan Casino in California.
  • Nutcracker Cirque® holiday circus performance premiering in 2004 at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Cirque Noel® holiday circus performance premiering at the Yokota Air Base in Japan in 2005.
  • Cirque on Ice® premiering in Brasilia, Brazil in 2005, later performing on a National US Tour – Glace: Cirque on Ice® in 2006.
  • Cirque Us®, the interactive cirque experience premiering in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2007 under the big top.
  • Solstice®, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2008 for an 8-year performance run.
  • Reverie: Cirque on Ice® opening in 2009 at the Singapore indoor stadium in a custom built arena.
  • Equinox, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2009 for a 7-year performance run.
  • Eclipse, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2010 for a 6-year performance run.
  • Silhouette, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2011 for a 5-year performance run.
  • Fortuna™ opening in 2011 at the Agua Caliente Casino in California.
  • Reflection, a “rock and roll” theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2012 for a 4-year performance run.

Circo Luci productions have included the release of 6 original soundtracks (Circo Luci, Solstice, Equinox, Silhouette, Eclipse, and Reverie) that are available for purchase on iTunes.


In 2008, Poet Theatricals launched their newest brand, Ghostlight® Theatricals. Currently 5 productions strong, these musical-theater based live entertainment production shows are:

  • Ghostlight® theatrical musical theater revue, launching in 2008 at sea for an 8-year performance run.
  • Limelight theatrical musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2009 for a 7-year performance run.
  • Ovations concert-style musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2010 for a 6-year performance run.
  • Broadway Nights concert-style musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2011 for a 5-year performance run.
  • Center Stage concert-style musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2012 for a 4-year performance run.

Presented in both concert settings as well as theatrical productions, these musical theater revue live productions bring the best of Broadway and West End musicals to audiences worldwide.

POET Theatricals is an expert in producing unique spectacular entertainment in venues worldwide, building experiences transcending traditional theater.

Production experience beyond traditional theater spaces includes: tent presentations, casino gaming areas, cruise vessels, temporary spaces, arenas, custom built amphitheaters, and outdoor spaces.

Interested in learning more about how to add live entertainment attractions to your space?

POET Technical Services has been designing, constructing, and implementing custom technical solutions for the entertainment industry since 1998.

Entertainment productions are by nature extremely customized and the technical support requirements require a unique approach to create the best effect on stage. The custom needs to produce a live entertainment production cross many different levels. Flexibility is needed in respect to the venue chosen to present entertainment as it can dramatically affect the entertainment technical requirements. Technical entertainment support varies dramatically between a casino theater or outdoor venues, entertainment spaces on cruise vessels and custom implemented venues such as nightclubs and restaurants.

In addition to entertainment venue installations and custom technical solutions, POET Technical Services provides architectural solutions, custom development, safety inspections, cloud based maintenance, and “architainment” technical solutions.

Turn-key Theatrical Flying for the Entertainment Industry


Turnkey rental theatrical flying packages for touring, installations and special events.


Trained flying operators and system installation supervisors.


Safety training and monitoring systems for equipment, operators and aerialists.


Custom flying installations in theaters, casinos, temporary venues, special use venues, tents, arenas and cruise ships.


POET Technical Services offers complete technical support services for the entertainment industry, but a primary focus on performer theatrical flying effects has grown over the years to play an important part of our support services for live entertainment productions. The POET Technical Services rental department features one of the largest custom aerial effect rental inventories and has one of the largest rental inventories of performer flying effects in the world, with over 60 high-speed performer flying winches available for rental for live entertainment productions.

Some of POET Technical Services performer-flying effects include:

  • Single lift line high-speed performer flying winches for acrobatic aerial performance (for both single and duo acrobatic performances and harness flying).
  • Operator controlled 360-degree rotation three-axis performer flying systems (motorized rotate, lift, and curved track) suitable for vocalists, corporate presenters or acrobatic flying.
  • Linear tracking two-axis performer flying systems featuring lifting and linear tracking suitable for vocalists, corporate presenters or acrobatic flying.
  • Synchronized linear tracking two-axis performer flying systems featuring lifting and linear tracking suitable for choreographed aerial effects and mobile acrobatic bungee systems.
  • Quad line heavy lifting systems for multiple person aerial performances (4 person aerial trapeze performances for example), aerial prop lifts and aerial platform lifts.
  • Harness systems for presenters and non-acrobatic performers to safely execute aerial effects during the course of a live entertainment of corporate entertainment presentation.
  • Manual performer lifting systems for theatrical effects.

Safety plays an integral part in theatrical performer flying. Performer, guest and operator safety is paramount and all POET Technical Services performer-flying systems feature multiple redundant safety features. All automated performer flying systems feature aluminum frame enclosures, internal motor brakes, external redundant safety brakes, active line load sensing, drive fault load sensing, dual travel limits on both ends of travel, and programmed acceleration – deceleration ramping.


POET Technical Services is a leader in developing entertainment-related cloud software solutions for safety solutions, inventory tracking and inspection tracking. Our software has tracked thousands of inspection, inventory and repair reports in multiple locations around the world. The POET Technical Services safety tracking system is easily customizable and is a robust system framework developed by POET software engineers. POET is able to quickly implement cloud supported safety inspection systems for entertainment venues, cruise lines, and custom applications.

The POET Technical Services tracking system is also available as a white-label SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for entertainment companies or venues wishing to implement their own safety system for their clients. To learn more about white-label solutions for entertainment and other industrial applications, please visit SPECSTAT (www.specstat.com).


For over 17 years, POET Technical Services has implemented full entertainment production technical support including rigging, lighting, sound, video and staging in venues around the world.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Technical design, construction and installation of the REVERIE: Cirque on Ice tour grid held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, featuring lowering artist platforms, 600 feet of curved tracking for performer flying, 6 high speed performer flying winches, 80 moving lights, 12 moving head projectors, and media server integration.
  • Full technical support services across multiple venues for the FIAT 500 launch held in Hollywood, Florida. Services included conference support, video, lighting, media servers, construction, and marketing elements.
  • Technical Design, construction, and implementation of the aerial grid for Casino Estoril, Europe’s largest casino, featuring the aerial design of a 3,000 pound dual fast track trampoline.
  • Technical design, lighting design, effect design, programming and cueing for multiple car launches for Ford and General Motors across South America.
  • Unique video and special effects solutions for General Motors in Mexico and Casino Estoril in Portugal.
  • Technical design, installation, maintenance and safety inspection of 53 high-speed artist-flying systems on cruise vessels.
  • LED wall installations on cruise vessels.
  • Media Server, video signal design and installations in Casino Estoril and cruise vessels.
  • Tour support and touring technical design for Luminaire, Cirque on Ice, and Circo Luci.

Venues have varied from custom outdoor entertainment spaces for both public entertainment events and private corporate events, theaters in casinos, cruise ships and performing arts centers, and arenas located around the world.

Although our focus has shifted to performer theatrical flying effects and custom entertainment related software solutions, POET Technical Services still provides full production services to select clients and all new theatrical productions created by POET Theatricals and POET Theatricals Marine.

Want to learn more about producing with POET Technical Services? We would be happy to help!

For over 20 years, POET Design has created live entertainment and marketing content for product launches, corporate events, incentive events, full theatrical productions, marketing campaigns and unique environmental experiences.

POET Design clients include some of the world’s largest corporations, including IBM, FIAT, BMW, Renault, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nestle, HP, Unisys and Allergan. As part of The POET Companies, POET Design leverages its extensive specialized live design experience into its marketing and entertainment creations. This enables POET to deliver unique, spectacular content at attractive price points for their clients, thrilling their audiences and reaching new customers.


As traditional forms of marketing over-saturate the market and become less effective, designers need to create experiences that add value for the person consuming the created art. In this age of “content is king”, design must commit to a focused, sincere message to create true, valuable content that can be shared and consumed across multiple outreach funnels. As digital marketing and digital entertainment platforms move to the forefront in modern society, design must grow to embrace these new tools and technologies. As important as these new tools and platforms have become in the distribution of content, the core principles of design process remain the critical building block. The term “content” is an overused term in modern marketing society and everyone defines it differently. POET Design defines “content” as entertainment – an experience that is created for others’ enjoyment. This can translate to food, automobiles, books, movies, plays, exercise, architecture, virtually anything.

POET Design’s process for creating unique entertainment and marketing experiences is the focus and understanding of the four “W’s”: WHO, WHY, WHERE and WHAT in content creation.


WHO: To reach someone you first need to define yourself and then define your audience. Who are you or who is this company? Who is creating the product or service? Who is your target audience member? Who is consuming the content?


WHY: The next step on the POET Design creative process is defining and imagining the experience for your audience. Why is this creative effort being made in the first place? Why are we doing this activity? Why are we creating this live show? Why are we writing this article? Why are we cooking this specific dish in our restaurant? Why are we making this video? Do we want to inform our audience? Inspire them? Convince them? Assure them? Delight them? Why is the audience here? Why does your audience choose you over someone else?


WHERE: Next, use the qualities of “WHO” and “WHY” to develop the location for the experience AND the location for your audience, the “WHERE”. Where is the experience going to occur and why is it happening at this location? Where is the focal point? Where is the audience? Where are they coming from? Where are they going? Where are you?


WHAT: Now for the hard part – create the actual content (the “WHAT”) for your audience based on “WHO” they are, “WHY” we are doing this, and “WHERE” we are. What are they going to experience? Does it make sense with who they are, and for why they’re where they are? What do you want to say? What response do you want from your audience?

Clear understanding of the four “W’s” in the creative process enables focus in messaging and is essential reaching tomorrow’s audience.

Interested in learning more about how to work with POET Design? We would be happy to help!

POET Theatricals Marine is the cruise line live entertainment production subsidiary of The POET Companies. Our focus is the creative design, development, implementation and maintenance of cutting edge spectacular live entertainment aboard cruise ships, inspiring and entertaining cruising audiences.

Since 2005, POET Theatricals Marine has entertained over 6,000,000 cruise ship guests in over 5000 live performances with its 16 live entertainment spectacle, musical theater and circus productions at sea. We have produced charter cruise headline entertainment from POET Theatricals as well as full cruise ship production show live entertainment creation, construction, installation and maintenance.Live entertainment cruise shows from POET Marine have won 5 industry awards, including “Best Entertainment” from Global Traveler Magazine in 2015, “Best Show” Magellan Awards from Travel Weekly Magazine in 2014, 2013, and 2012, and “Cruiser’s Choice Awards” for Best Entertainment from Cruise Critic in 2012.


Cruise ship live entertainment production is unique to the industry, the specific cruise line, as well as the live entertainment application itself. Custom live entertainment applications require custom infrastructure, training and preparation. In addition to creation of custom live entertainment for cruise ships, POET Theatricals Marine develops the custom shore-side infrastructure needed to support the continued operations of these specialized entertainment productions.

Some examples of custom elements we have implemented to support our cruise ship live entertainment programs include:





Since 2011, POET’s full time team of 7 software engineers, application developers and UI designers have built and refined an enterprise-level cloud auditioning application to assist with the hundreds of rotating cruise entertainers cast in POET Theatricals Marine’s cruise line shows. This virtual casting application is hosted on multiple server instances on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can support thousands of simultaneous users. This application enables talent screening, online auditioning, collaborative online review and online rating remotely with instantaneous worldwide reach and has over 15,000 entertainers in its database, thousands of which have been auditioned and reviewed by POET casting directors. This web application continues to grow exponentially as performers see the benefits of online casting and evaluation of talent versus attending a live audition. POET’s casting directors, creative personnel, and talent reviewers are located around the world, and this custom-developed application enables true global reach and review of potential show performers and lighting-fast response time to cruise line entertainment casting requests.





A large portion of the POET Theatricals Marine show development process is focus on maintenance and re-casting of long-running live entertainment productions running on board cruise ships. Different live entertainment applications and specific cruise lines have very unique requirements in regard to rotations of cast members, putting unusual pressure on the casting and re-training process versus a typical live entertainment production on land. It is critical that these cruise line-specific requirements are planned for in the initial live show development phase so that everything produced that can be supported by the cruise line and onboard entertainment staff during the operations portion of the live show performance. POET Theatricals Marine has developed password protected online libraries of show-specific training materials that have been created for rotating production cast members, allowing for better preparation before rehearsal, reduced actual rehearsal time, and a better quality product, all at an ultimately lower expense.





Safety for the performer, onboard staff and cruising guests is our first priority. With multiple performer flying systems and live entertainment productions running onboard cruise ships worldwide, POET Theatricals Marine saw the need for a centralized, internet-based web application that would track and notify managers, safety and maintenance staff of current issues with the equipment use in the operations of the live performances. This standardized the safety inspection and reporting process across all of our productions worldwide, enabled easier crew rotations between the multiple different productions on different vessels, and significantly reduced cross-training expense. To tackle this challenge, the POET software engineering team developed a custom web-based safety inspection tracking system. The PTS web application enables operators in multiple locations to submit equipment inspection reports, with onsite supervisors, safety staff, and main office staff notified immediately with any defects found in the systems. Automation of this portion of the inspection process reduces email traffic, streamlines onsite inspection procedures, allows for speedier defect notifications, and reduces onsite workloads. Repair ticketing functionality is bundled with this “all-in-one” entertainment technical support web application. Repair tickets, inspection reporting and knowledge base access are directly linked, creating opportunities for remote troubleshooting, issue tracking, repair requests, approvals and tracking. Knowledge gained by incidents requiring troubleshooting are not lost with the rotation of the crewmember, but added to the library of information for onsite operators and support staff. Also bundled with this custom developed software is simple entertainment inventory tracking functionality. Some features of the inventory tracking functionality include low onboard inventory notifications and continually updating inventory levels. This allows for planning restocking as well as reduced entertainment inventory slippage, resulting in significant savings in theater operations of the live production on board the ship.

Monetize Onboard Spaces

Entertainment creation is always a moving target, changing with tastes, times and new technology. Some of the newer focus of entertainment presentation is to take the live entertainment experience off of the “stage” and to infuse it throughout the audience and into the entire experience. The POET Companies’ live entertainment team has extensive experience in transforming static venues into premium guest experiences, creating additional revenue opportunities for the cruise line. Underperforming venues and available spaces can be re-purposed as both single and multi-use spaces, allowing for varied audience experiences utilizing the same physical space and infrastructure. Live entertainment can also be timed to occur at specific intervals, acting as an attraction to a certain area or specific space onboard the vessel.

Entertainment Concepts for Tomorrow’s Guests

POET Theatricals Marine creates concepts that integrate food and beverage with live entertainment and architectural theming to create fresh, immersive, interactive entertainment experiences. These concepts can be integrated using existing staff and infrastructure while the vessel is in operation, or produced as a self-supporting stand-alone live entertainment production event. The POET Companies’ live entertainment design team can also work with new-build or retrofit teams in dry dock to create and install premium paid entertainment experiences for your guests. These premium live experiences drive additional revenue as well as enhance the guest experience.

Want to learn more about producing with POET and bringing unique live entertainment experiences with impact to your vessel?

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