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Live Performances


Entertainment everywhere.

Entertainment is all around us, in what we see, in what we taste, and in what we touch. It can be found in art, in food, in architecture, and in technology.

Creating live entertainment marketing is a unique combination of specialized skills that are polished over years, across thousands of live productions, and millions of people’s reactions. With over 25 years of experience in the live entertainment industry and thousands of live presentations across millions of spectators, the POET Companies create live entertainment marketing experiences with true personal impact.

From launching new products, creating new entertainment mediums, to producing award-winning theatrical entertainment, we are always creating environments and experiences that take people away from the “every” day.

Inspire your audience and partner with a team that can take you there. Contact us today to get started.

Inspiration anywhere.

The press.

"Eye-popping balancing acts."

The New York Times

"Entertainment that is as good as Broadway."

Condé Nast

"twisting bodies, people flying through the air, and balancing that couldn't possibly be real."

Stars and Stripes

"Performances that rival Broadway, West End and Vegas."

Global Traveler Magazine









For over 25 years, our creative works have been enjoyed by millions of spectators worldwide. Enjoy a preview of some of our work.



Where do your customers want to go?

Understanding and delivering a great customer journey is critical to business success. Infuse that journey with a memorable entertainment experience and dazzle your audience.

Entertaining Customer Journeys - POET



The awards.

Gold Medal Marketing Awards

Ford Focus Launch Show

GM Celta Launch Show

Windows 2000 Launch Show

2015 Best Entertainment

Global Traveler Magazine

2012 and 2014 Silver Magellan Awards - Entertainment

Travel Weekly

2013 Gold Magellan Award - Entertainment

Travel Weekly

Grand Prix Award

Moving Plasma Ballet – Ford Focus Launch

Selected clients.

Have a question?

Have a question?

Want to add entertainment experiences to your customer’s journey and don’t know where to start?

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