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Traditional Live Entertainment

The traditional live entertainment model has shifted dramatically in the last 10 years, leading to reduced ticket sales and revenues for the theater presenter. Audience tastes have changed and attention spans have decreased to the point where mainstream audiences don’t have the time or are not willing to invest in segmented entertainment experiences. Potential customers are looking for seamless experiences, not experiences divided by antiquated notions of what is “proper” entertainment.

The “Old” Night Out

In the “old” night out”, typically a couple would have drinks before dinner in a cocktail bar environment for an hour, move to dinner for the dining experience for a couple of hours, then on to a live theater show for 3 hours and then finally of an “after show” club. At minimum this is a 6-hour investment with the actual experience divided across 4 separate and disjointed visions of what the experience should entail.

What is the Experience?

What is the experience and which of the 4 entertainment providers control it? Should the restaurant suffer bad reviews because the guest had a bad experience at cocktails before dinner? Is the theater show poor because dinner ran late due to kitchen issues and the guests missed the first 20 minutes of the show? Typically, a guest has a “bad night out”, a singular experience, and doesn’t differentiate between providers – they were all bad. Is that fair? Each of the entertainment providers extensively craft guest experiences, and unfortunately in the current model, control over guest expectations is lost before and after that entertainment providers’ scope.


A Modern Night Out

An example of a new vision of the traditional “theater night” reimagines this experience into an “all-in-one” cohesive night with cocktails, dinner and live entertainment fused into one superlative experience for the guest. The venue is designed to support the overall theme of the evening with the bar, dining, entertainment and club experiences maintaining that common thread. Once that thread is broken (at end of the evening, or upon a shift to a dramatically new experience) a guest can move on from a perception standpoint, due to the buildup and reinforcement of the “entertainment concept”.

Why is the Experience Better?

A simple example would be to create a “Theater District” experience in geographic area far-removed from New York. The venue is themed as an old Broadway building with cocktails in the bar area following famous cocktails of New York. The dinner menu follows the best of classic New York Cuisine and the dining area is in a recreation of an old Broadway Theater with performers singing hits from Broadway musicals (Cats, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera) throughout the dining experience. The goal would be for a unified entertainment experience across drinks, dinner and entertainment, to layer the experiences together shortening the time investment, and to give a local market a “Night in New York” without having to travel.


Stronger Impact

Quick Implementation

Lower Cost

Economies of scale and single vision of the guest experience allows for delivery of a much better guest impact, shorter time investment, lower expenses for the presenter, and ultimately lower cost for the guest.

New Age of Content

In the new age of “content is king”, customers and audiences want to be thrilled, engaged and want to partner with brands they believe in and trust. Brands need to offer more than just a typical customer experience to engage and retain today’s customer. Entertainment has become integral to consumer experience whether it be implementing game theory in the user interface of social media, reward programs in dining, or really in any of consumer-facing mediums.

Moving Past Traditional Live Entertainment

Poet Theatricals creates and implements unique live entertainment concepts in multitudes of different venue types. Moving beyond traditional theater environments, Poet has the creativity and technical “know how” to launch cutting-edge, fused entertainment concepts into unique physical environments. Live entertainment can be combined with retail concepts to drive traffic to retail locations and if designed correctly, can become a significant value-add to the bottom line.

The POET live entertainment team has extensive experience in transforming static venues into premium guest experiences that can create additional revenue opportunities. Venues and available spaces can be re-purposed as both single and multi-use spaces, allowing for varied audience experiences utilizing the same physical space and infrastructure. The Poet team can work with your construction, design and creative teams to implement unique live entertainment experiences.

Do you have an underperforming venue, retail space, or restaurant? Are you interested in reimagining the space, increasing customer retention, improving sales and profits?
Contact us today to get started.
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