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Michael McPherson | Executive Producer & Founder

Michael McPherson has over 30 years experience in the live entertainment, media, marketing and software industries.

As a corporate marketing event creative producer, Michael has designed and produced unique, award-winning car launches, software launches, and pharmaceutical launches for some of the world’s largest corporations, including FIAT (the FIAT 500), Ford Motor Company (the Ford Focus), General Motors, Bayer and Allergan. These live marketing efforts were designed and implemented with global marketing and product input with a focus on delivering the same universal message across platforms.

Industry marketing awards include the Gold Medal Marketing Award for the Microsoft Windows 2000 Launch, the Grand Prix Award for the Ford Focus Launch, and the Gold Medal Marketing Award for the General Motors Celta Car Launch.

After leaving Cirque du Soleil in 1995, Michael successfully fused aerial performance, grand illusion, and physical acrobatics to create the Physical Magic® brand, taking these unique productions to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Trump Plaza Atlantic City, Casino Estoril and Casino Figueira in Portugal, on tour internationally, and at sea world-wide. Physical Magic productions include: Physical Magic®, Luminaire®, Dezire: Temptations of Touch®, Four: Spirit of the Elements, Pulse®, Visions: the Spirit of Dreams, Remix, Edge, Velocity, and Momentum. Physical Magic productions have mesmerized millions of spectators since 1999. In 2003, Michael launched the Circo Luci® brand of theatrical circus that has since grown to over 13 different theatrical circus productions, Circo Luci, Nutcracker Cirque®, Cirque Noel®, Solstice®, Cirque Us®, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette, Reflection, Fortuna™, Cirque on Ice®, and Reverie: Cirque on Ice®. Circo Luci productions have thrilled millions of audience members. In 2008, Michael launched the newest Poet Theatricals Brand, Ghostlight® Theatricals. Currently 5 productions strong, these musical-theater based production shows, Ghostlight®, Limelight, Ovations, Broadway Nights, and Center Stage have been enjoyed by millions of vacationers.

In the live theatrical arena, Michael has created and produced live entertainment enjoyed by over 8 million spectators worldwide. Industry awards include Travel Weekly’s 2012 Silver Magellan Award for Circo Luci’s Silhouette, 2012 U.K. Cruiser’s Choice Award for the 3 shows on board the Celebrity Equinox, Travel Weekly’s 2013 Gold Magellan for Circo Luci’s Reflection, Travel Weekly’s 2014 Silver Magellan for Circo Luci’s Reflection, and Global Travel’s 2015 Award for Best Entertainment for all 15 shows on board Celebrity Cruises.

Michael founded Calltime® (www.calltime.com) in 2011, an enterprise-grade remote casting, auditioning and talent tracking web interface with over 15,000 registered artists. Calltime.com was developed with a full time team of 7 software engineers and is still in development today. Calltime.com was opened to producers worldwide in 2013 to streamline the casting process for the industry and as an alternative to evaluating talent.

In 2012, Michael conceived the POET Technical Services’ cloud based safety and inspection tracking system. This system was designed to ease the safety tracking process of following multiple locations of complex production operations performing simultaneously. Inspectors and operators now could file daily safety inspection reports into one centralized database that could be tracked more efficiently with less staff. The POET software team has opened this customizable software outside of the entertainment industry as SPECSTAT® (www.specstat.com) bringing safety inspections to the cloud at an affordable price point. The SPECSTAT software platform has processed over 20,000 safety inspections since its implementation for POET Technical Services.

Stage Dealer® (www.stagedealer.com) was launched by Michael in 2013 as a vehicle to allow producers to reduce the expense of launching new productions. There is a very large capital expenditure when creating live productions as the infrastructure is very unique to that production or venue. That cost is very difficult to recycle into a new production as repeat local audiences want to see a different “look” on the stage. Stage Dealer was conceived to allow for producers to “recycle” existing uniquely developed stage sets, props, and other theatrical items by selling them to other producers in different markets. The acquiring company can get different content at a dramatically reduced price from building custom pieces from scratch and the selling company can receive some funds towards building their next production.

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