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Luciano Angelini | Design / Producer

Art has been an integral part of his life for the past 30 years, creating and designing for theatre, video, fashion and entertainment, including a musical for the Oscar Niemayer Theatre in Sao Paulo, Glace in Brasilia (Brazil) and The Forum Show in Buenos Aires (Argentina ), FOUR: Spirit of the Elements at Casino Estoril, and Visions: Spirit of Dreams at Casino Estoril.

Luciano has designed also events throughout South & North America, including Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and US. Some of his corporate design includes General Motors, Ford, Fiat, BMW, Renault, Santista Textil, Editora Abril, Mercedes Benz, TVA, Vivo, Microsoft, Unisys, HP, Bradesco Bank and Nestle.

Stylistically as a visual artist, Luciano designs with a modern flair that reflects blend of sensibility and technology.

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