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Enjoy the latest theatrical trailers, commercials and behind the scenes footage from FOUR: Spirit of the Elements and VISIONS: The Spirit of Dreams filmed live on location at Europe’s largest casino, Casino Estoril, in Portugal. These videos showcase portions of live productions and give unique looks backstage at the creative process of producing POET Theatricals’ productions. We hope that you enjoy the videos!

Please use the tabs over the video to navigate to different videos from both FOUR: Spirit of the Elements and VISIONS: The Spirit of Dreams. You can also use the expand icon in the lower right corner of the video to watch full screen.


In 2007, FOUR: Spirit of the Elements from Physical Magic premiered at Casino Estoril, Europe’s largest casino. With its fusion of cirque-style aerial and acrobatic performances, dance and special effects, this live show marked a significant programming change for the casino, moving away from the traditional “revue” type live productions performed in the casino theater over the previous 20 years.

FOUR: Spirit of the Elements was a tremendous success for the casino and a hit with audiences, enjoyed by over 700,000 spectators over 470 live presentations during its 18-month performance engagement. This video trailer was recorded live during the performance of the show and features daring aerial performances, dazzling fire manipulation acts and stunning acrobatic performances.

The show is a combination of aerial performances, special effects, cirque-style acrobatics, epic video imagery, and high-energy dance wrapped a story of the raw elements of AIR, EARTH, WATER and FIRE.


After the success of FOUR: Spirit of the Elements at Casino Estoril, POET Theatricals returned 2009 with VISIONS: The Spirit of Dreams. The show was the 5th Physical Magic® production produced by POET Theatricals, and during its run at Casino Estoril thrilled over 350,000 spectators.

The show is pure visual spectacle and is an unconnected series of visual stimulus; visions of joy, lust, motion, fear and time all come together to create a uniquely personal experience for the viewer, as they assemble their own story from the imagery.

Both mega shows, FOUR: Spirit of the Elements and VISIONS: The Spirit of Dreams, were custom-created for Casino Estoril, designed to mirror the epic scale and scope of the 70-foot wide stage and the size of the showroom. All of POET Theatricals’ live entertainment productions are designed to scale both larger and smaller, based on venue requirements and presenter needs. An example is FOUR: Spirit of the Elements being condensed into smaller corporate presentation for a car launch in Mexico as the show perfectly followed the corporate branding desired for the press launch.

Don’t see a live entertainment spectacle production from POET Theatricals that fits your concept our audience demographic? We have several different concepts that are ready to be produced for custom installations or can develop a live entertainment concept that fits with your vision and branding.

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