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Circo Luci REFLECTION premiered in 2012, coinciding with the launch of the Celebrity Reflection, the fifth Solstice-Class vessel from Celebrity Cruise Lines. REFLECTION is the first show from Circo Luci to incorporate a non-original soundtrack as well as to use a classic rock soundtrack creating a true “Rock Circus”.

In 2013, REFLECTION the Show won the Gold Magellan Award for entertainment from Travel Weekly, the first Gold Magellan entertainment win for Celebrity Cruise Lines. In 2014, REFLECTION won its second Magellan Award from Travel Weekly and was hailed for its “eye-popping” acrobatics by the New York Times. The 2014 Magellan Award for REFLECTION represented the 3rd Magellan Award for a Circo Luci production, a feat only equaled by the “Dreamworks Experience”. In 2015, the awards continued for Circo Luci’s REFLECTION with the 2015 “Best Entertainment” Award from Global Traveler Magazine.

With over 200 performances, more than 275,000 spectators, three industry awards, and over 5 years at sea, REFLECTION has thrilled the press, the cruise industry and most importantly the audience with its rock soundtrack, breathtaking acrobatics, spectacular sets, and daring aerial performances.

Following the completion of it multi-year engagement at sea in 2016, REFLECTION has been completely updated and reconfigured for maximum impact in land based performances and can be seen in theaters, casinos and custom showrooms around the world. The show can adapt to several different types of unique and specialized entertainment locations, including convention centers, temporary spaces, tents, open areas, retail venues and outdoor settings.

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The ultimate Rock and Roll transformation wrapped in a theatrical European-styled circus!

Follow an audience member’s transformation into a rock star. Woven through a world of fantasy and Rock and Roll, and backed by a classic rock score, REFLECTION from Circo Luci mesmerizes with feats of daring acrobatic and specialty artists.

A true theatrical circus spectacle, REFLECTION is a unique take on Rock and Roll classics paired with performance artistry.

REFLECTION from Circo Luci is available for booking for multi-week engagements worldwide. The show has been designed to perform in a theater but can also be presented in various other types of performance spaces.

REFLECTION from Circo Luci is part of the 3 show “Reflection Package” from POET Theatricals. The other productions that are included with the “Reflection Package” are Momentum (a music and dance themed show) and Centre Stage (a musical theater tribute production).

Show packages from POET Theatricals allow venues to maximize production impact inexpensively by allowing presentation of three dramatically different shows utilizing one performing cast and one preproduction expenditure. Each of the POET Theatricals’ show “packages” represents over 2.5 million dollars in capital expenditure investment in the production’s costumes, sets, flying automation, video and music.

Show packages are best used in venues that have repeat customers (casinos with strong local market draw for example), guests that are residing in the venue (vacation destination resort hotels), or travelers that are moving from place to place with the venue (cruise ships).

POET Theatricals has the ability to “mix and match” show packages depending on audience demographics.


The Circo Luci REFLECTION production includes the following:

  • Classic Rock Soundtrack from the Circo Luci REFLECTION production orchestrated and recorded by the Circo Luci REFLECTION creative team. (Tracks and charts are included with the production in the event an onsite orchestra is to be included in the production).
  • Show Costuming, Props and Equipment.
  • Digital audio playback, time code and show control.
  • Lighting Control.
  • Digital media servers, video projectors and video distribution.
  • High-speed performer flying winches, winch power distribution and acrobatic rigging.
  • Production soft goods.
  • Production sets.


Shipping requirements can be scaled depending on show size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance. The show can adapt to existing staging, lighting and rigging layouts. POET Theatricals’ goal is to reduce the preproduction cost and installation of the show as much as possible, and we work with presenters to trim these expenses.

Examples of shipping requirements are:

Full Set The “Full Set” production includes the entire hard set of the show and the “soft set”. This version includes all of the stair units, multi level sets, and other stage elements. This version travels in two 53’ trucks or two 40’ and one 20’ oceangoing containers (for overseas productions).

Turn-key Our “turn-key” production package adds all lighting, sound, venue required soft goods, venue rigging and staging for the show in a complete turn-key package. This additional technical support travels in 1 or 2, 53-foot tractor trailers, depending on the level of production support required for the venue.


REFLECTION from Circo Luci uses a traveling cast of 18 live singers, acrobats, character performers, specialty acts and aerialists.

Crew size is 3 persons: 1 Technical director, 1 FOH operator (lighting, media and show control), and 1 lead rigger/ acrobatic rigger.

A. REFLECTION from Circo Luci is a European-style theatrical circus with a classic rock soundtrack.
A. The show was originally designed to be performed in a theater, but can also be performed in tents, convention spaces, custom open spaces, and in outdoor venues.
A. Loading in the production depends on access to the space, but shows from POET Theatricals in touring configuration can be loaded in a quickly as 1 day.
A. There are 18 performers in the production comprised of live singers, acrobats, character performers, specialty acts and aerialists.
A. The soundtrack is an originally recorded and orchestrated classic rock soundtrack. The show uses classic rock hits sung live by the performers in the production.
A. The show can be scaled for as short as 30 minutes to as long as 75 minutes.
A. The show travels with its own performer flying automation and technicians to operate, and is included in the cost of the show. The venue however must be able to support the rigging loads and have appropriate hang points to mount the show’s equipment.
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