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FOUR – Spirit of the Elements

FOUR: Spirit of the Elements from Physical Magic premiered in 2007 at Casino Estoril, Europe’s largest casino, for an extended 18 month run. The show marked a dramatic programming change for the casino, with the casino moving away from traditional “revue” type productions that it had been presenting for the previous 20 years.

With over 470 live performances at Casino Estoril, 700,000 spectators and a 6 month engagement extension, FOUR: Spirit of the Elements was a tremendous success, bringing the latest live entertainment experiences to Portugal.

After its successful engagement at Casino Estoril, live entertainment portions of Four: Spirit of the Elements brought the magic and mystique of the four elements to car launches for both FIAT and General Motors.

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Sensational aerial performances, spectacular special effects, dazzling acrobatics, surreal video imagery, and high-energy dance fuse with the raw elements of AIR, EARTH, WATER and FIRE to create a one-of-a-kind theatrical extravaganza. Submerged in a lush dreamscape, a talented cast of artists takes you on a journey through the senses. Experience the ethereal sensations of AIR, the pulsing heart-beat and rhythms of the EARTH, the fluid softness of WATER, and the fiery passions of FIRE. “4” breaks through the traditional barriers of theater, leaving the surface of the stage and taking the performance out over the public, encompassing the audience with fantastic aerial and sonic performances. Pure spectacle, “4” explores the spirit of AIR, EARTH, WATER and FIRE, translating the spirit of each element into movement, emotion, and sensation, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

The FOUR: Spirit of the Elements soundtrack is scheduled for re-release on iTunes in May 2016.

The fusion of the spirit within the four elements creates a complexity of order where movement, emotion, sensation, and strength unite.

Resembling the varied textures of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the original soundtrack from Four: Spirit of the Elements captures air with the ethereal tone from the high strings, fire erupts with a blazing series of electric guitars, the piano glistens in soft and fast clusters that evoke the ebb and flow of water, while the power of the taiko drums resonate a booming force of energy, vibrating like the tremors of the earth.

Original Compositions by Mike Meyer. Additional Compositions Flui and Terra by Mike Meyer and Anton Stuhlmann. Guitars by Mike Meyer. Soundtrack produced, recorded and mixed by Mike Meyer. Produced by Michael McPherson.

FOUR: Spirit of the Elements from Physical Magic® is available for booking for multi-week engagements worldwide. The show has been designed to perform in a theater and is best presented in this type of venue.


The FOUR: Spirit of the Elements production includes the following:

  • Original Soundtrack from the FOUR: Spirit of the Elements production written, orchestrated and recorded by the FOUR: Spirit of the Elements creative team. (Original soundtracks can be previewed on the iTunes store or on the POET- Theatricals Site under the “Media” tab.)
  • Show Costuming, Props and Equipment.
  • Digital audio playback, time code and show control.
  • Lighting Control.
  • Digital media servers, video projectors and video distribution.
  • High-speed performer flying winches, winch power distribution and acrobatic rigging.
  • Production soft goods.
  • Production sets.


Shipping requirements can be scaled depending on show size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance. The show can adapt to existing staging, lighting and rigging layouts. POET Theatricals’ goal is to reduce the preproduction cost and installation of the show as much as possible, and we work with presenters to trim these expenses.

Examples of shipping requirements are:

Full Set The “Full Set” production includes the entire hard set of the show and the “soft set”. This version includes all of the stair units, multi level sets, and other stage elements. This version travels in three 53’ trucks or four 40’ oceangoing containers (for overseas productions).

Turn-key Our “turn-key” production package adds all lighting, sound, venue required soft goods, venue rigging and staging for the show in a complete turn-key package. This additional technical support travels in 1 or 2, 53-foot tractor trailers, depending on the level of production support required for the venue.


FOUR: Spirit of the Elements uses a traveling cast of 45 live singers, acrobats, tumblers, character performers, specialty acts and aerialists.

Crew size is 5 persons: 1 Company manager, 1 Technical director, 1 FOH operator (lighting, media and show control), 1 Stage Technician, and 1 lead rigger/ acrobatic rigger.

A. FOUR: Spirit of the Elements is a mega spectacle production incorporating special effects using fire, CO2 and water, video, aerial performance, acrobatics, dance and circus arts.
A. The show is appropriate for ages 10 years and higher.
A. The show was originally designed to be performed in a theater, and is best presented in this type of venue.
A. Loading in the production depends on access to the space, but FOUR: Spirit of the Elements takes about 14 days to load in all elements.
A. There are 45 performers in the production comprised of live singers, musicians, tumblers, acrobats, character performers, specialty acts, dancers and aerialists.
A. The soundtrack is an original score written for the production. The soundtrack can be previewed on the Apple iTunes store.
A. The show can be scaled for as short as 30 minutes to as long as 90 minutes.
A. The show travels with its own performer flying automation and technicians to operate and is included in the cost of the show. The venue however must be able to support the rigging loads and have appropriate hang points to mount the show’s equipment.
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