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Traditional theater is struggling.

It’s unfortunate that the concept of the traditional theater experience has not evolved with customer tastes. Today’s customer still wants live entertainment and cherishes that immersive experience, but they don’t want to consume that live entertainment within the confines of a traditional theater experience.

This change in taste has manifested itself to the traditional theater market in many different ways: reduced ticket sales, reduced customer engagement, increased touring costs, increased production costs, and fewer product choices. Traditionally, the theater establishment has fought against any form of change, and any changes that have been accepted have been extremely slow to implement. This has lead to theaters that have been open for years closing across United States (and the world), leading to the decline of these architecturally significant and beautiful venues.

Revitalize Grand Structures

The POET Theatricals Team has several different types of programs to revitalize these grand structures and reinvent the way entertainment is presented inside these venues. We feel that these grand spaces must be saved and must adapt in order to survive and thrive. We believe that live entertainment will never die. Technology has changed both the music industry and the movie industry forever. We think that it’s theater’s turn to adapt.

Live entertainment creates a sense of community, a sense of connection in a personal way, from both the audience members’ and the actors’ viewpoints. Throughout human history storytelling has fueled the imagination and remains the basis of all entertainment. We don’t believe this will ever change, but we do believe that the delivery of this “story” needs to adapt with the tastes of the audience.
Our theatre revitalization programs include both the renovation and restoration of the structures as well as the implementation of fused live entertainment experiences representative of today’s expectations. This “fusion” consists of typically unrelated entertainment experiences they come together to make a new unique attraction that appeals to today’s customer. This fusion needs to also be culturally significant on a local level, pulling from local entertainment, cuisine and tastes to be successful. This combination of “local bests” appeals to both local and tourism markets, further ensuring lasting success.
POET does purchase and revitalize theater venues and in some instances, POET will partner with civic associations and independent developers on the acquisition of real estate and implementation of new forms of entertainment inside these venues. Our goal is to reignite the cultural significance of local live entertainment and its effect on urban communities across the United States. We seek to bring storytelling back to its local roots, and to expand this storytelling to encompass food, music, dance, and live expression of all types.

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