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Cost effective live entertainment for venue owners.

High Impact

Audience and industry award-winning shows that are consistently top rated across international demographics.

Cost Effective

Dramatically reduced capital expenditures means more show for each dollar invested.

Great Variety

Each package features a cirque style theatrical circus, a high energy spectacle aerial/ dance show and a musical theater tribute production.

Easy Install

One installation process for 3 shows means 1/3 the effort and 3 times the results.

Add entertainment to your casino, retail space, convention center or restaurant.

Imagine … one installation… multiple shows … one cast.

Casino venues with strong local and repeat traffic have unique challenges presenting live entertainment to their audiences. First and foremost, the entertainment itself must constantly be changing (guests won’t want to see the same show multiple times). This model has led to booking of headline entertainment for one or two night engagements. This model has several pros and cons:

Pros include:

  • Less risk with preproduction costs (simple entertainment rider)
  • Established headline entertainer fan base (hopefully)
  • Short-term entertainment commitments

Cons include:

  • Lack of marketing momentum (you are basically remarketing each event from scratch)
  • Low use of venue (one or two nights per week)
  • No “big-show” feel
  • Limited entertainment choices (typically a singer or comedian)

The challenge is how to combine to get the benefits of both short-term headline entertainment AND the “big show” advantages of production show entertainment.

The Poet Theatricals team has designed, implemented, and tested over an 8-year period a series of production shows that are easily and inexpensively rotated (within hours). These shows use the same production infrastructure and performing cast and are grouped in packages of 3 shows of wide variety. These show packages from POET Theatricals represent millions in preproduction capital expenditure, ensuring a high level of show production value at extremely attractive price points. With one preproduction period, three shows are installed and can be rotated at will to maximize programming effectiveness.

What’s The Secret?

What is POET Theatricals’ “secret sauce”? Preproduction for POET Theatricals’ shows has been amortized over 20 years. We are able to achieve such stellar results for our clients because the cost of producing our shows has been spread across thousands of shows and hundreds of clients. Today’s audiences expect more, and creating impact requires significant capital expenditures in the property, the show, the venue, and virtually the entire package.

Audience members don’t reduce their expectations based on the capital expended on the construction of a show – they just compare shows as one being better than the other, regardless of construction budget of 3 million or 30 million. How do you compete if you have a 3 million dollar budget versus a budget 10 times the size? The POET Theatricals Team achieves this for its clients through:

Long history of producing large format entertainment productions around the world.

Vertical integration and understanding of production techniques.

Millions in previously capitalized production infrastructure infused into the production process.

Constantly streamlining processes seeking greater efficiencies and cost savings.

POET Theatricals’ biggest differentiator is in its approach to doing something different:

Do something that is truly unique.

Do something cannot be compared to an existing product.

Make the budget inequality irrelevant.

The POET Theatricals’ Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette and Reflection multi-show packages have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world, and have won best entertainment awards from both industry critics and audiences alike.

Entertainment Packages

Select the multi-show package below to learn more about the three individual shows in the package and awards they’ve won, watch theatrical video trailers, preview original soundtracks, and read the logistics support needed to present the shows.

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