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Do you have retail space and are looking for more targeted customer traffic?

Are you a mall owner seeking to increase the quality of customer traffic for your tenants?

Are you hosting a retail event and looking to create excitement with customers?

Attracting quality customers and retaining them has become more and more difficult as competition for their attention and their dollars has become more and more intense. In addition to other brick-and-mortar retail locations, competition has expanded to the internet’s many online retailers. Retail customers now go to retail locations to experience the product, and then search online to purchase that product for the least expensive price (“showrooming”).
Retailers and retail property owners are seeking new attractions and new experiences to bring quality customers into their space and convert them. Over the years we’ve seen malls add amazing food courts, holiday exhibits, movie theaters and other live experiences to attract the right demographics for their tenants (the retailers). Over the years, malls in retail locations have transformed from their “destination” origins, hurting the mall concept and their retailers.
Innovative mall owners and real estate investment trusts have fought back against the competition from online retailing by adding more live experience value for their shoppers and their tenants. Some of the larger, more famous malls have added signature dining (Capital Grille, Blue Martini, Truluck’s, Legal Sea Foods), themed holiday experiences, expansive and exotic food courts and live entertainment shows. This push to add more value than just the shopping experience seeks to bring the “destination” mall experience back to the forefront.
The POET Team works with mall owners and real estate investment trusts to infuse branded live entertainment attractions into their retail spaces. European-style theatrical circuses, special effects shows, vocal shows, ice skating shows or virtually any type of live interactive experience can be customized and presented in a mall environment. These entertainment attractions are designed to attract the desired demographic to position this retail location as something more than just shopping, making it a “destination”.
Additionally, our years of experience with repeat audiences has led to the development of entertainment “packages” in which one production installation actually contains three completely different shows. This enables the presenter to rotate productions without the added cost of reinstallation. For example, POET Theatricals three-show package consisting of a cirque-style theatrical circus, a special effects pop spectacular, and a “Hits of Broadway” concert series can be alternated each month throughout the year. This repeated presentation of quality live entertainment along with the rotation of a variety of productions positions your venue as more than just a retail location. It adds a live entertainment component with the deadline (it will only be presented for 1 month) to the dining and shopping experience. This live synergistic guest experience fuels quality traffic to restaurants and retailers.

Are you interested in learning more about how adding a live entertainment attraction to your mall or retail space can enhance value? Contact us to learn more and get started. We would be happy to help!

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