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Presenter F.A.Q.

A. We produce virtually all types of live entertainment. This could include: cabarets, ambient entertainment, interactive entertainment, full-scale produced shows, ice skating shows, illusion shows, theatrical cirque-style circus spectaculars, pop dance shows, Broadway-style musical theater shows and many more. Our team of highly skilled industry professionals are able to accommodate the many varied needs and tastes of our clients and their audiences.

A. Since every venue and performance space is different, we approach this starting from the design phase in the beginning of the creative process. We design and build live productions that can be altered, presented and maintained based on budget, venue size, cast size and makeup, as well as unique aspects venue challenges and operational requirements.

A. Yes, our installation teams are very familiar with this process and have worked alongside construction teams for many years, both in land-based venues and in shipyards.

A. Yes, our team is accustomed to working odd hours when the venue or retail space is not in use so as to not impact the customer experience. We design and tailor the load in process accordingly.

A. Artistic and technical maintenance for extended or open-ended run productions is one of the most challenging items facing entertainment production. Maintaining production quality and integrity is critical to the guest experience. Our years of experience operating extended run productions, we have developed a set of proprietary tools that we use to monitor and maintain our productions. The tools help us to maintain quality, speed reaction times, lower operational costs and ultimately improve the customer experience.

A. Production costs vary dramatically based on the type of production(s) chosen to present, the available personnel and infrastructure available locally and the overall goal of the project. Reach out to us with your idea, we would be happy to give you an estimate.

A. Just give us a call, we would be happy to help!

Artists F.A.Q.

A. Please see the casting section of our website for further details on how to audition to join our team of performers.

A. Performer positions are specific to the production we are casting. Please see the casting section of our website for further details.

A. Yes, we do have dancer positions in our productions that require no aerial work.

A. This depends on the project, but typically this is provided.

A. Although minimum work ages vary by casino, POET Theatricals’ minimum age to work in a POET Theatricals casino production is 21 years of age.

A. This depends on the specific project and is detailed in the audition ad or show contract.

A. This varies by cruise line, but typically dancers have a small amount of cruise staff duties that they perform as well as safety trainings and drills.

A. This varies by cruise line, but typically artists must have a good working level of English to carry out their required duties onboard.

A. Our cruise contracts are generally around six to eight months in length.

A. Our contracts are generally 6 months in length, but they often include two 6-month renewal options.

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