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Equinox Show Package

The three shows included in the Equinox Show Package (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight) from POET Theatricals opened in 2009 to live audiences worldwide. In subsequent years, the shows in the Equinox Show Package have won rave audience reviews, Audience Choice awards and the “best entertainment” award from Global Traveler Magazine. The live production shows in the package (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight) have each been presented over 400 times to more than one and a half million spectators in their last seven year performance run, thrilling both the press and audience members alike.

The Equinox Show Package was originally designed to be performed in different types of unique and specialized presentation spaces in addition to traditional theaters, including retail locations, temporary performance spaces, convention centers, and tents.

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EQUINOX the Show

Equinox the Show is a European-style theatrical circus about celebration of the equinox, and the perfect balance of day and night.


Remix is an exploration of the circular world of pop music and culture and a sonic journey into the explosive popularity of the remix culture.


The timeless musical hits of both Broadway and West End theater are performed live on stage by the cast as they reminisce their favorite performances in an old historic theater.

EQUINOX the Show



EQUINOX the Show



The pulsating rhythms of night and day focus on the balanced forces that bring forth the sharing of the sky by light and darkness during the equinox. Instrumented discord appears throughout the soundscape in unusual performances of the percussion and electric guitar tempered with ethereal choral backing vocals, sustained strings instruments, and enchanting woodwinds.

The Equinox original soundtrack was composed by Tom Reeves, Tim Hayden, Jonathan Willis, BJ Davis & David Wise. Soundtrack keyboard programming by Tim Hayden, BJ Davis, David Wise & Tom Reeves. Original vocal arrangements by David Wise. Studio guitars performed by Paul Brannon. Studio bass performed by Danny O’Lannerghty. All drums and percussion performed by Tom Reeves. Studio vocals performed by David Wise, Shelley Jennings, Melodie Kirkpatrick & Terry White. Equinox original soundtrack produced, recorded and mixed by Tom Reeves. Produced by Michael McPherson.

The Equinox Show Package of the three live productions (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight) is available for booking for multi-week engagements. The Equinox Show Package was designed to be adaptable and can be performed in a variety of different types of presentation spaces, please reach out to us to learn more about the Equinox Show Package and how to present these shows in your venue.


The Equinox Show Package production includes the following:

– Soundtracks from the Equinox, Remix, and Limelight shows. Soundtracks are orchestrated and originally recorded by the POET Theatricals creative team.
– All show equipment, costumes, and props used in the three shows (Equinox the Show, Remix and Limelight).
– Technical equipment for audio playback of show soundtracks and show control.
– Lighting Control Board.
– Video and digital media servers, moving head video projectors and all video distribution for the three shows are included in the show package.
– All theatrical acrobatic flying automation, required power distribution and all specialty rigging used in the performances of the shows.
– Equinox Show Package show-specific drapery and soft goods.
– Show hard sets for all three shows (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight) included in the package.


Shipping requirements for the complete Equinox Show Package are detailed below, but can be scaled depending on size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance package. The three shows can adapt to existing venue infrastructure and layouts. Our goal is to maximize performance impact on stage while minimizing production costs.

The shipping and logistics requirements for the Equinox Show Package are:

Full Package Set

The “Full Package Set” production includes the complete sets for all shows presented in the Equinox Show Package. This “complete version” includes all of the physical set elements, stage pods, taiko drums, multi level stage sets, brick set and all of the other physical elements used in the staged presentation of the three shows (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight). This complete version of the Equinox Show Package travels in four 53-foot semi trucks or five 40-foot ocean going high cube containers.


Technical Package Add-on

Our “turn-key” technical production package “add-on” includes all of the required stage lighting, sound reinforcement, venue-specific needed soft goods, performance rigging infrastructure (beyond the specialty performer flying winches) and staging needed for the three shows. The additional equipment added in the technical support package for the Equinox Show Package ships in one or two 53-foot tractor trailers.


Equinox Show Package has a performing cast of 18 vocalists, dancers, aerialists, circus artists, and specialty acts.

Traveling crew needed to operate the shows are three persons: one front of house show operator (sound, lighting, media and show control), one technical director and one lead rigger/ acrobatic rigger. For longer-running extended presentations, local crew and staff are trained for some of these crew positions if desired.

A. The Equinox Show Package is made up of three completely different live shows, Equinox the Show (a European “cirque-style” theatrical circus), REMIX (a pop music dance, aerial and visual effects spectacle show), and LIMELIGHT (a presentation of the musical hits of Broadway and the West End in an old historic theater setting).
A. The live production shows in the Equinox Show Package are appropriate for all ages.
A. The shows included in the package (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight) were originally performed in a theater, but were designed from the beginning to be adaptable and perform in custom spaces, including tents, convention spaces, retail spaces and even in outdoor performance venues.
A. Load in time frames typically depend on venue access and architecture, but usually the project takes approximately two weeks to install and adapt to the specific venue. Once the show package installation and tech is completed, the three different shows in the package can be rotated and ready for performance in as little as six hours. This can take longer or shorter depending on the changeover crew allocated to the show swap and the backstage storage access of the equipment being rotated in and out.
A. There are a total of 18 performers in the production package comprised of circus acrobats, aerial performers, live vocalists, specialty acts and dancers. The entire cast of 18 performers performs in all three different production shows in the Equinox Show Package.
A. The live performance soundtracks created for the three productions (Equinox, Remix, and Limelight) are originally recorded for the shows (an original soundtrack composition for Equinox the Show, original orchestrations and studio recordings of popular hits for Remix, and original recordings of Broadway and West End musicals for Limelight).
A. In their original format, the shows were presented sixty minutes long without an intermission, but can be shortened to thirty minutes if desired. In some instances the production shows can be extended to full theatrical-length (ninety minutes with intermission).
A. The Equinox Show Package travels with its own performer flying equipment (high-speed winches, motion control, and specialty rigging) and the necessary crew to operate. This is included in the cost of the show package. We can easily adapt the performer flying equipment for a non-theater application and have done so many times and a variety of venues around the world. The POET technical team will work with you on the safest and most economical way to install the show package’s aerial equipment into the space.

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