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Non-Traditional Spaces

A new direction in live experience creation and design has been to take non-traditional spaces and convert them into entertainment areas. Entertainment can range from dining experiences, housing experiences, interactive experiences, live shows and even retail experiences. This move to readapting former single-use spaces has opened a whole new avenue for creative entertainment applications and fusions of traditionally unrelated entertainment.

An example is former warehouse spaces being converted into loft apartments and retail locations, utilizing the unique architecture of the space to add a certain ”feel” to the overall guest experience. People are seeking an “authentic” experience and utilizing authentic spaces reinforce that experience. Retailers, whether it is clothing, food, or entertainment, are extending their theming and reach beyond just the item in their marketing. This reach is extending to the entire customer experience.

Successful Concepts

Some the most successful retail concepts fuse unusual real estate spaces with new approaches to traditional experiences. Restaurants have fused with brewing to create the “brewpub” experience. Each of these concepts individually are nothing new (eating food and drinking beer), but when combined with the fusion of the entertainment aspect (the brewing process) and the unique architectural space (an old factory), a new retail concept is born. Bringing the customer in on the brewing process, and making a microbrewery within the restaurant serve as entertainment, makes the customer feel a part of the beer-making process. Having over 100 different beers on tap is entertainment for the taste buds, and also reinforces repeat business as the customer will want to try all 100 varieties of beer (hopefully across multiple visits).

In the above example, there are actually four different forms of entertainment (the food, the architecture, the microbrewery, and the beer selection) working together, that when combined create a new entertainment form (the brewpub).
Typically, single-purpose or custom designed real estate spaces are difficult to sell or re-lease due to the customization of the space and the limited appeal to future users. Some examples are churches, industrial spaces, entertainment spaces, and even some retail spaces. The search for authenticity and a one-of-a-kind experience by today’s customer creates an opportunity to revitalize and readapt these spaces. This single-purpose or custom design can actually be a benefit when creating unique customer experiences.
The POET Team has extensive experience in re-adapting underutilized or no-traditional real estate into successful retail concepts. We can work with your food and beverage team to integrate live entertainment into the dinner experience or into the retail experience. Entertainment can also be fused with architecture, creating custom entertainment spaces that can act as attractions on their own. An example is using projection on architectural surfaces to change and morph, re-creating imagery on the space and attracting traffic to those locations.

Do you have an underutilized custom space? Are you seeking to increase revenue by adding value through increased customer traffic? Do you have a retail concept that uses an unusual layout or format?

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