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Creating and producing live entertainment attractions for casinos is a truly unique process.

Our approach focuses on everything else involved before even considering the “what” in the process. What we mean by the “what” in the process is the actual physical entertainment product. This is actually a reverse approach to what is typical in the entertainment production industry. Typically an entertainment producer will approach the casino with an idea or a “pitch”. This pitch is a specific show, a specific entertainer, or a specific concept that the casino may or may not think applies to their brand. This approach silos the pitching producer and the entertainment marketing department apart from each other, in that each silo is trying to adapt to a static, non-customized concept.

What do we mean by this?

In this example, the producer is pitching a live entertainment concept that he or she is hoping the casino will buy into. The casino’s marketing department is trying to adapt this pitch into something that fits their brand and the casino’s concept. This reworking process is building a structure on a foundation of straw. The foundation of any live entertainment attraction in a casino needs to be intricately customized for that property. The themed attraction needs to be conceived and built from the ground up, with the casino’s brand and concept at the core. In essence, this is understanding the “why”.

The POET Team approaches the creation of casino live entertainment attractions in the reverse of the traditional “pitch” approach. This approach is a more difficult “sell” than the traditional “pitch”, but our experience has shown that it is more transparent and more effective for our casino clients’ goals. Our team’s approach focuses more on the “process” versus the “product”, and how our processes can help our casino clients reach their goals faster, more economically, and successfully.

We believe that we need to work with our casino clients from the ground up and build the foundation of a great live attraction together, one brick at a time.

Through working together, we can truly answer the “why” behind the project as a whole. Finding and realizing the true goals of the project, whether it be increased gaming revenue, improved guest experience, guest retention, increased floor traffic, or generating more repeat business.

After discussing and answering the “why” behind the project, we work together to understand who the casino’s target demographic is now and in the future. We want to get a clear understanding of the perfect customer’s behavior, what has drawn them to the casino in the past, and what we think will attract them in the future. Next in the process is an understanding of the physical space. Every casino is different, and with those physical differences there needs to be an understanding of guest flow throughout the space and the branding reasons behind the architectural design. Where are the guests currently, and where do you want them to be? What is the current flow of people in and out of the casino, and could there be changes of attractions in certain locations that would optimize this flow? What new architectural or retail changes coming to the casino could benefit from certain placement of an attraction?

These first three steps require deep collaboration between the entertainment production teams with the casino marketing, executive and operational teams. This collaboration removes the typical silo environment in legacy attraction creation and presentation. Even with just these few questions in the above examples, the benefits of the collaborative team approach to the project are apparent. The next step in the process, the “what”, or what the attraction will actually be, is absolutely dependent on the variables isolated and answered in the first three steps (the why, the who, and the where). That custom-conceived and constructed live attraction is a unique answer to your specific casino’s unique question.

Interested in learning more about how the POET Team’s unique approach to creating live attractions for casinos can benefit your space? Contact us to learn more and get started. We would be happy to help.

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