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Keep your customers engaged with unique live experiences.

Add a unique live experiences to attract more customers!

Audience tastes are constantly changing and are moving toward interactive and immersive entertainment.

In the new age of “content is king”, customers and audiences want to be thrilled, engaged and want to partner with brands they believe in and trust. Brands need to offer more than just a typical customer experience to engage and retain today’s customer.

Entertainment has become integral to consumer experience whether it be implementing game theory in the user interface of social media platforms, reward programs in dining, or really any consumer-facing mediums.

Are you seeking to monetize an existing underperforming retail space?

Looking to increase traffic to your restaurant or retail property?

Do you have a branded retail concept that would benefit from live audience engagement?

Poet Theatricals creates and implements unique live attractions in multitudes of different venue types. Moving beyond traditional theater environments, Poet has the creativity and technical “know how” to launch cutting-edge, fused entertainment concepts into unique physical environments. Live engagement can be combined with retail concepts to drive traffic to retail locations and if designed correctly, can become a significant value add to the bottom line.

Understanding The 4 W’s

Creating successful attractions is a multi-tier process. This process involves deep research into what we like to call the four “W”s. Working with our clients we focus on the “why”, the “who”, the “what” and the “where”, and how it relates to the attraction concept as a whole. This understanding of the reasoning behind the project, the target audience, and where the attraction is going to be presented is critical before you even begin to build the “what” (the live attraction itself).

The majority of failures that we have seen in the presenting of live attractions over our years in the industry have been directly related to focusing on the “what” first, without any thought the “why”, “who” and “where”. This leads to expensive project reworks, great entertainment concepts presented to the completely wrong audience, and the complete missing of any revenue or traffic targets (the reason for the project to begin with).

Different Businesses – Different Attractions

Different businesses have completely different reasons for creating a live attraction. A casino is seeking different types of traffic and attractions than a restaurant or a retail space. A mall owner seeking to create an attraction in a central area is looking to bring in shoppers of a certain demographic.

This type of deep analysis ensures a successful project, and the POET team can work with your construction, design and creative teams to implement successful live attraction entertainment experiences. Our over 20 years of experience in the industry and our proprietary, process-driven approach creates tangible goals and milestones in the otherwise intangible and subjective world of live entertainment attraction production.

Do you have an underperforming venue, retail space, or restaurant? Are you interested in reimagining the space, increasing customer retention, improving sales and profits

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