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About POET Theatricals

Our focus is the production of cutting edge spectacular entertainment, and over the last 20 years we have inspired and entertained millions of audience members worldwide.

POET Theatricals currently has 28 entertainment productions on land, on ice, and at sea worldwide available for booking into your venue.

Don’t see a production that fits your venue or demographic? POET Theatricals can even custom design, produce and install a unique production into your venue that fits your needs.

For over 20 years, POET Theatricals has created, produced, installed and operated thousands of live entertainment experiences worldwide, thrilling millions of people.

Our focus is on the personal experience for the audience, whether it be in a casino, a theater, a cruise ship, arena, amphitheater, outdoor space, retail space or anywhere live entertainment can be presented. Our entertainment production experience reaches around the world to venues in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, across incredibly diverse demographics, and into vastly different types of physical venues.

The POET Team of entertainment, real estate, technology and architectural professionals clearly understand, conceive and execute live experiences with economic impact, delivering true return on capital investment.

Audiences Have Changed

As audiences have changed, entertainment, marketing and other tools needed to reach today’s customer have changed, requiring a new approach. The POET Team constantly seeks to create new entertainment experiences, new formats, new presentation styles, unique venues, and to fuse different elements to create new live experiences.

Traditional theatrical entertainment is a dying art form. The theater show presentation model is being reinvented by the changing tastes of the public consumer, and this change has forced theater entertainment to change with it. The public still craves the personal live experience but as live entertainment designers, we need to seek out and find new methods of reaching and entertaining people.

Moving Beyond The 4th Wall

Moving entertainment from behind the traditional “4th wall” in theater, or from something that is just “viewed” or “watched” to something that is actually “experienced” is our primary goal. This transformation of entertainment is critical to reach tomorrow’s customer. Our process of the “moving” and “transforming” of traditional entertainment enables us to fuse different forms of content together, creating new experiences for our audiences. The basis of all forms of entertainment centers around people, what excites them, what thrills them, what motivates them and ultimately what reaches them in the form of a personally digestible experience.

It’s important to remember that people are always searching for a better experience, something that takes them away from the “every day” and makes them feel special. The goal of any creative project, whether it is a painting, a song, a meal, a vacation, a smart phone, virtually anything, is to impart that special experience. That special experience is rooted in entertainment.

Our Mission

Our mission is the search for that special “something” for our clients and how it relates to their project. We always circle back to the “why” behind the project, the “who” the project targets, the “where” the project occurs, and ultimately the “what” we are going to do. Clearly defining these four W’s helps us to build the “what” behind the project and create something special.

The POET Theatricals segment of the POET Companies site highlights only a portion of our approach to entertainment and connecting with today’s customer. We invite you to explore additional areas of the website to learn more about our processes and thoughts behind our approach.

Today’s consumer craves individual experiences. We deliver these experiences, for our clients and their audience.


Unique advantages for POET Clients.

Custom Infrastructure

With over 28 productions spread over the three entertainment brands,

Vertical Integration

Entertainment Design and Technology has gotten increasingly complex, allowing for

Cloud Technology

POET leverages the latest cloud technologies to develop custom proprietary



Specialized solutions for Live Entertainment.


POET can custom-create branded entertainment experiences…


Leveraging the POET Companies’ vertical, production solutions for marine…


Production maintenance is one of the toughest challenges faced…

Our Team Members

The Team Leads behind POET Companies


Michael McPherson
Executive Producer & Founder


Michele Morrison
Executive Producer


Sandy Pennino
Accounts and Logistics Manager

Luciano Angelini

Luciano Angelini
Design / Producer


Tim Sauerman
Technical Director


Dan Gibbs
Acrobatic Rigging

Selected Clients

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