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Live Theatrical Entertainment for Audiences Worldwide

Marketing with live entertainment is complex. Good thing we’re experts.

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For over 20 years, POET Theatricals has created, produced, installed and operated thousands of live entertainment experiences worldwide, thrilling millions of people. Our focus is on the audience experience, whether it be in a casino, a theater, a cruise ship, arena, amphitheater, outdoor space, retail space or anywhere live entertainment can be presented. Our entertainment production experience reaches around the world to venues in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, across incredibly diverse demographics, and into vastly different types of physical venues.

As audiences have changed, entertainment, marketing and other tools needed to reach today’s customer have changed, requiring a new approach. The POET Team constantly seeks to create new entertainment experiences, new formats, new presentation styles, unique venues, and fusing different elements to create new live experiences.

The POET Team of entertainment, real estate, technology and architectural professionals clearly understand, conceive and execute live experiences with economic impact, delivering true return on capital investment.

The POET Theatricals site only highlights a portion of our approach to entertainment and connecting with today’s customer. Today’s consumer craves individual experiences, we deliver it … at scale for our clients.

Contact us to learn more.

Learn More about POET

Since its start in 1999, POET Theatricals, the theatrical live production subsidiary of The POET Companies, has produced 28 award-winning live theatrical productions, that have been enjoyed by over eight million spectators in over six thousand live presentations around the world.

POET Theatricals produces a variety of live entertainment productions across its various trademarked brands including live cirque-style circuses, dance shows, visual effects spectaculars, figure skating shows, interactive dinner entertainment, holiday themed shows, grand illusion magic productions, Broadway revues and musical theater shows. These brands include:

Cirque Noel ®

Cirque Noel ®, holiday themed cirque-style European theatrical circus productions

Cirque Us ®

Cirque Us ®, multi-day audience participatory circus experience.

Cirque on Ice ®

Cirque on Ice ®, figure skating fused with aerial and acrobatic cirque-style artistry

Circo Luci ®

Circo Luci ®, European styled theatrical circuses performed in theaters and tents

Ghostlight ® Theatricals

Ghostlight ® Theatricals, the best of musical theater revue productions

Physical Magic ®

Physical Magic ® Spectacles, mega-spectacle productions and special effects extravaganzas

Cirque Nutcracker ®

Cirque Nutcracker ®, the best of cirque-style performance fused with the timeless ballet classic

Over the last 17 years, POET Theatricals has consistently executed and produced non-traditional entertainment concepts in both traditional and non-traditional entertainment venues.

As consumer tastes have changed, this fusion has morphed into creating experiences that have reimagined legacy entertainment both in presentation formats (fusing live entertainment with the dining experience as an example) as well as bringing this entertainment to new non-traditional venues (retail spaces are an example).


In 1999, the Physical Magic® brand was born with the fusion of physical acrobatics and grand illusion in the original “Physical Magic” show. Physical Magic has grown to 10 separate and distinct live productions, and has performed them worldwide in venues such as Trump Plaza Atlantic City, MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Casino Estoril and Casino Figueira in Portugal.

Physical Magic® branded live shows include:

  • The original Physical Magic show that debuted at Trump Plaza Casino, Atlantic City in 1999.
  • Luminaire® – Voyages Through Light that debuted in 2001 in Okinawa, Japan at the Kadena Air Base.
  • Dezire: Temptations of Touch® premiering in 2005 at Casino Figueira in Portugal, performing an extended twelve month run.
  • Four: Spirit of the Elements premiering in 2007 at Casino Estoril (Europe’s largest casino), performing an extended eighteen-month run.
  • Pulse® premiering in 2008 and performing at sea for an eight-year multiple extended performance run.
  • Visions: the Spirit of Dreams premiering in 2008 in the Black and White Room in Europe’s largest casino, Casino Estoril, in Portugal for a twelve month run.
  • Remix premiering at sea in 2009 for a seven-year performance run.
  • Edge premiering at sea in 2010 for a six-year performance run.
  • Velocity premiering at sea in 2011 for a five-year performance run.
  • Momentum premiering at sea in 2012 for a four-year performance run.

Four of Physical Magic productions (Physical Magic, Luminaire, Four and Visions) included the release of all-original soundtracks. These soundtracks are available on iTunes. The six productions that featured familiar contemporary pop and rock classics, the soundtracks have been originally orchestrated and recorded for the show performances.


POET Theatricals launched the Circo Luci® brand of theatrical circuses in 2003 with the original Circo Luci show. Since then, the Circo Luci brand added four additional circus themed brands including Cirque on Ice®, Cirque Noel®, Cirque Us® and Cirque Nutcracker® and now includes 12 different live theatrical circus shows.

These Circo Luci productions include:

  • Circo Luci, the cirque spectacular, premiering in 2003 at the Sycuan Casino in California.
  • Nutcracker Cirque® holiday circus performance premiering in 2004 at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Cirque Noel® holiday circus performance premiering at the Yokota Air Base in Japan in 2005.
  • Cirque on Ice® premiering in Brasilia, Brazil in 2005, later performing on a National US Tour – Glace: Cirque on Ice® in 2006.
  • Cirque Us®, the interactive cirque experience premiering in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2007 under the big top.
  • Solstice®, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2008 for an 8-year performance run.
  • Reverie: Cirque on Ice® opening in 2009 at the Singapore indoor stadium in a custom built arena.
  • Equinox, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2009 for a 7-year performance run.
  • Eclipse, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2010 for a 6-year performance run.
  • Silhouette, a theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2011 for a 5-year performance run.
  • Fortuna™ opening in 2011 at the Agua Caliente Casino in California.
  • Reflection, a “rock and roll” theatrical cirque-style circus opening at sea in 2012 for a 4-year performance run.

Six Circo Luci productions (Circo Luci, Solstice, Equinox, Silhouette, Eclipse, and Reverie) have included the release an originally composed soundtracks that are currently available for purchase on iTunes and CD Baby.


In 2008, Poet Theatricals’ newest brand, Ghostlight® Theatricals, was launched in 2005 with the debut of Ghostlight: the Spirit of Broadway. Currently comprised of five productions, these musical-theater based revues are:

  • Ghostlight® theatrical musical theater revue, launching in 2008 at sea for an 8-year performance run.
  • Limelight theatrical musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2009 for a 7-year performance run.
  • Ovations concert-style musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2010 for a 6-year performance run.
  • Broadway Nights concert-style musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2011 for a 5-year performance run.
  • Center Stage concert-style musical theater revue, opening at sea in 2012 for a 4-year performance run.

Musical theater revue productions from Ghostlight Theatricals are presented in both glamorous musical concert settings as well as staged theatrical productions, and they bring the best music of Broadway and West End musicals to audiences around the globe.

POET Theatricals is an expert in building experiences that transcend traditional theater, and producing uniquely spectacular live shows in venues around the world.

Would you like to learn more about how to add live entertainment attractions from POET Theatricals to your space and thrill your audiences?

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