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Quad Line Yoyo Lifting System

Quad Line Yoyo Lifting System featuring a single joystick control. Ceiling Sheaves mount to venue supplied truss or venue steel. This 3-phase quad line yoyo lifting system is available in either 240v or 400v, with lifting load limits of either 1500 or 2000 pounds depending on the motor selected. System travel is 40 vertical feet at a maximum speed of 180 feet per minute. The Model PTS-QLY-180-2000-240v (2000 lbs of lift) has 60 feet of travel.

PTS performer flying systems feature frame enclosures, motor and redundant braking systems, drive fault load sensing, dual limits, and programmed acceleration / deceleration ramping.

Performance applications are any performer-lifting situation requiring 4 lifting points. Some performance examples include:

  • Aerial platforms (for aerial entrances to the stage from the ceiling)
  • Quad line acrobatic apparatus (four person trapeze acts)
  • Large custom aerial apparatuses
  • 4 individual synchronized lifting points
  • Aerial drumming.
  • Prop flights

Winch Specifications

  • Lift Speed: 180 feet per minute
  • Lift Height: 40 feet (60 feet of the Model PTS-QLY-180-2000-240v)
  • Tracking Speed: 180 feet per minute
  • Tracking Distance: 40 feet
  • Lift WLL: 1500 to 2000 lbs (depending on winch selected)
  • Voltage: 240v or 400v, 3 phase
  • Connector: 100’ extension cable, Camloc ends

Standard Joystick controller, 1 Channel, variable speed, single joystick, with E-Stop, key lock


  • Two Stage Limit Switches
  • Active Line Load Sensing
  • Electric Fault Load Sensing
  • Over speed Sensors
  • Redundant Safety Brake


  • 1 of either Model PTS-QLY-180-1500-400v, PTS-QLY-180-1500-240v, or PTS-QLY-180-1500-240v – Quad Line Yoyo Winch
  • Single Joystick Controller
  • 100’ Control Cable
  • 100’ Power Cable (Camloc Ends)

Rigging Kit

  • Truss attachment hardware
  • 1/4”- black GAC cable and swaging hardware
  • Sheaves and sheave truss/ steel attachments


  • Does not include ceiling rigging hoists and venue ceiling attachment or stiffening hardware. (This can be provided for an additional cost.)
  • Requires ballast or building anchors for both winch and truss stiffening.
  • Freight not included.

Total freight depends on the system specified for your production. Contact us to discuss your needs and that point we can determine the shipping requirements.

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