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600 ft/min Single Lift Line Performer Flying System

600’ per minute single lift line performer flying system. Very simple operation with single joystick control. Ceiling sheaves mount to venue supplied truss or venue steel. This single lift line performer flying system 3-phase, 240v system lifts 400 pounds 150 vertical feet at a speed of 600 feet per minute.

All PTS performer flying systems feature frame enclosures, motor and redundant braking systems, shaft over speed monitoring, active line load sensing, drive fault load sensing, dual limits, and programmed acceleration / deceleration ramping.

With the 400 pound working load rating, this performer flying winch can be used for both single, multiple line acrobatic and other theatrical lifting applications. Performance applications are limited to the maximum speed of 10 feet per second of lift. NOTE: Due to the lift speed of this performer flying winch, it is best suited for higher ceiling heights of over 30 feet.

In single line applications, some sample theatrical and acrobatic performance uses might include:

  • Aerial Flying Silks
  • Duo Aerial Flying Silks
  • Acrobatic Harness Flying
  • Acrobatic Rope (Corde Lisse)
  • Lira (Cerceaux)
  • Prop flights

In multi-line applications, the system uses a clew to separate into 2, 3 or 4 separate lift lines. Example theatrical applications include:

  • Solo Trapeze (two lines and one aerial performer)
  • Duo Trapeze (two lines and two aerial performers)
  • Aerial Prop Lift (single line or multiple lines)
  • Non-rotating harness flight (vertical lift over the stage with the performer facing towards the audience with no rotation capability)
  • Acrobatic bungee

Winch Specifications

  • Lift Speed: 600 feet per minute
  • Lift Height: 150 feet
  • Lift WLL: 400 lbs
  • Voltage: 240v, 3 phase
  • Connector: 100’ extension cable, Camloc ends


  • 1 Channel, variable speed, single joystick, with E-Stop, key lock


  • Two Stage Limit Switches
  • Active Line Load Sensing
  • Electric Fault Load Sensing
  • Overspeed Sensors
  • Redundant Safety Brake


  • 1 Model PTS-SL-600-400-240v – Single Lift Line Performer Flying Winch
  • Single Joystick Controller
  • 100’ Control Cable
  • 100’ Power Cable (Camloc Ends)

Rigging Kit

  • Truss attachment hardware
  • 1/4”- black GAC cable and swaging hardware
  • Sheaves and sheave truss/ steel attachments


  • Does not include ceiling rigging hoists and venue ceiling attachment or stiffening hardware. (This can be provided for an additional cost.)
  • Requires ballast or building anchors for both winch and truss stiffening.
  • Freight not included.

Total freight consists of two road cases on wheels. The acrobatic flying winch, power cable, motor control cable and joystick controller ships in 1 ATA road case. The rigging kit (truss attachment hardware, sheaves, cable and swaging tools) ships in one roto-molded case.

Case Dimensions

Motor Case 30”H x 48”W x 48”L • Weight 850 lbs
Roto Case 24”H x 24”W x 48”L • Weight 300 lbs

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