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Since 1998, POET Technical Services has been conceptualizing, building, and implementing custom entertainment technical solutions for theaters, casino venues, festivals, arenas and cruise ship theaters around the globe. In addition to being a leader in performer flying solutions, POET Technical Services provides architectural solutions, custom development, safety inspections, cloud based maintenance, and “architainment” technical solutions.

The customized nature of entertainment productions and the push to always create “something new” requires a unique approach to entertainment technical solutions to create effects with impact on stage. The “tailored” requirements of ground-breaking entertainment productions affects many different departments and flexibility is needed in the entertainment technical design so it can fit with different venues or other specialized requirements. Technical entertainment support varies dramatically between different venues types. A traditional performing arts theater has very different operational parameters versus outdoor venues. More modern styles of interactive entertainment such as entertainment spaces on cruise vessels or retail entertainment can be drastically different than traditional entertainment. The Poet Technical Services’ team specializes in designing technical elements with flexibility to achieve maximum impact.

Although our team’s focus has shifted to specialized performer theatrical flying effects and entertainment-related software solutions, POET Technical Services continues to provide full production services to select clients as well as to all new theatrical productions created by POET Theatricals and POET Theatricals Marine.


POET Technical Services is a leader in developing cloud-based entertainment software solutions.

Our cloud software has tracked thousands of inspection, inventory and repair reports in multiple locations around the world. The cloud software framework developed by POET software engineers was designed to be easily customizable, scale-able and easy to implement. Due to the nature of this type of software development, we are able to quickly design and implement cloud supported safety inspection systems based on your current reporting systems.

The POET cloud-based tracking system is available as a white-label SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for clients wishing to implement their own branded safety system on their custom domain. To learn more about custom white-label solutions for entertainment and other industrial applications, please visit SPECSTAT.


For over 17 years, POET Technical Services has been a full entertainment production technical support company, with projects including rigging, lighting, sound, video and staging (or all of the above) in venues around the world.

Past projects include:

REVERIE: Cirque on Ice

Technical design, CAD, construction and installation of the touring grid, featuring lowering artist platforms, over 600 feet of curved tracking for performer flying, 6 high speed performer flying and 3-axis tracking systems, complete automated lighting system featuring 80 moving lights, completed video system including 12 moving head projectors, media server integration lighting programming and media programming.

Casino Estoril

Technical Design, construction, and implementation of numerous special effects within the productions of FOUR: Spirit of the Elements and VISIONS: The Spirit of Dreams. Technical highlights include: aerial performance grid design, aerial dual folding 3,000 pound dual fast track trampoline over the stage, both propane and colored flame systems, holographic folding video blind systems, mobile stage rain curtains, complete video systems including over 120 feet of blended set projection.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Complete technical design, CAD, shipyard installation, maintenance and safety inspection of 53 high-speed performer acrobatic flying systems on the 5 Celebrity Solstice Class Vessels from 2008 to 2016. Projected stage video systems and theater LED wall installations on the 5 Celebrity Solstice Class Vessels from 2008 to 2016. Media Server, video signal design and installations on the 5 Celebrity Solstice Class Vessels.

FIAT Motors

Complete corporate event technical support services across several venues for the launch of the FIAT 500 held in Hollywood, Florida. Corporate event production services included conference support, video, lighting, media servers, construction, and marketing elements.

Ford Motor Corporation – General Motors

Complete, technical design, lighting design, effect design, programming and cueing for multiple car launches for Ford (Ford Focus) and General Motors (Celta, Vectra, Captiva) across South America.

Our team has worked in venues as diverse as custom outdoor entertainment spaces for both public entertainment events and private corporate events, hotel ballrooms, traditional theaters in casinos, cruise ships and performing arts centers, and arenas located around the world.

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Our Team Members

The team leads behind POET Technical Services


Michael McPherson
Executive Producer & Founder


Sandy Pennino
Accounts and Logistics Manager

Luciano Angelini

Luciano Angelini
Design / Producer


Tim Sauerman
Technical Director


Dan Gibbs
Acrobatic Rigging

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