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Absolutely! We are here to help. Please reach out to us to discuss the flying effect you are looking for and we will help make the right choice.

Absolutely! Give us a call or contact us to get started.

No. We do not allow our equipment to be operated by untrained personnel. If we have trained your personnel, you are allowed to rent motor packages from us without an operator, provided that only POET Technical Services trained operators use the flying system.

Yes. We offer training on our systems for long running shows to allow for the equipment to be operated by local personnel.

No. We designed the POET flying systems to be very simple to maintain, set up and operate.

A POET Technical Services representative will contact you regarding the details of your event to prepare the rental agreement, schedule shipping, and schedule the system operator/ installation supervisor.

We accept bank wires in addition to credit cards. Please contact us to set up a transfer.


POET Technical Services flying systems come complete with all materials needed to fly the performer or speaker from the hang point in the venue to stage venue surface. For example, in the case of a simple single lift line flying system, the rental package would come with the following equipment:

  • High Speed Flying Winch
  • 100’ of power cable with Camloc ends
  • 100’ of motor control cable and controller
  • All Aircraft cable, sheaves, spansets, shackles to attach to venue rigging points.

You would need to supply the following:

  • Venue Rigging Points and stiffening points (if needed).
  • Local labor (if needed).
  • Power source with Camloc receptacles.
  • Floor Ballast.

No. You will need to have a structural engineer analyze and rate your hang points before flying system installation.

Yes.  A basic CAD diagram (suitable for corporate events) is included with the rental price. The price of more complex CAD diagrams for long-term installations is dependent on application.

This depends on the type of motor system and the number of persons flying in the event. We will provide load calculations in our CAD diagram for you to add to your total rig weight calculations.

This depends on the venue and the type of flying performed. The CAD generated for your specific application will include motor and operator placement.


Yes. We can supply them through our sister companies, POET Theatricals or POET Events.

Absolutely. Non-acrobatic flying gear (i.e. harnesses) is included with our basic rental package.

No. Typically, professional performers travel with their own equipment. Note that we do not allow non-professional acrobatic performers on our equipment. This is solely determined by the POET Technical Services operator/ installation supervisor and is detailed in the rental agreement.

POET Technical Services Motors include dual limits, acceleration and deceleration ramping, multiple redundant motor and safety brakes, drive fault and active line load sensing and shaft over-speed sensing.

Dynamic shock loads caused by acrobatic “drops” trigger the load sensors to immobilize the flying system as a safety precaution.

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