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Cloud Services

What is the POET Technical Services Cloud?

POET Technical Services software engineering team has developed a proprietary cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for entertainment applications. The POET Technical Services cloud application acts as a framework for customized modules based on the specific entertainment production to be placed into, enabling streamlined operational processes during the performance run. Our Cloud Services are designed to reduce cost and increase operational safety for our entertainment clients, and can be customized for virtually any commercial application.

As every live entertainment production is unique, our software engineering team customizes the productions’ web interface for that specific entertainment production, creating dashboards and reports to track “production specific” data.

Some of the features of our cloud services tools are:

Safety Inspection and Tracking

This cloud-based inspection module enabled distributed teams to inspect and track in multiple locations, with centralized reporting in a browser-based dashboard. Cloud services include full user access control and permissions allow for report tracking by user, report history, custom access, and inspection history access.

Project knowledge bases

Just as the entertainment by nature has to be unique, operations of a specific live show change based on the show itself. Each entertainment project is in reality a silo of institutional knowledge, and due to the “contractor mentality” of a large portion a typical live entertainment production, knowledge isn’t freely passed to future contractor replacements. This makes it difficult and expensive to replace people possessing that institutional knowledge. The expense not only manifests itself in additional training costs, but can impact the show itself, potentially alienating customers.

Cloud-based knowledge bases enable entertainment productions to retain that institutional knowledge in an easily accessible database anywhere there is an internet connection.

Inventory tracking

Management of show inventory is critical to smooth operations. Due to the unique niche items needed for show operations and the long lead times to produce those items in some cases, not being on top of inventory literally stop the show. For example, if your production is touring in Europe and all of the performers performing theatrical flying effects in the show fly on high speed winches designed for ¼” cable, what are you going to do if you have to replace the cable and you have none in inventory? Since there is only easy access to metric sized cable in Europe, you will have to cancel the effect (and possibly the show) and air freight replacement cable from the United States.

The POET Technical Services inventory module gives real-time access to inventory levels and provides automated email notifications of low inventory levels. The software can even be customized to place automated orders with head office approved vendors via email.

Defect ticketing system

Everything breaks. No matter how well an item is engineered, there are mechanical failures that require repair. This is especially true with “one-off” engineered and constructed items used in theatrical productions.

Distributed users

Show staff are on the move, either throughout a theater or across several venues. The POET Technical Services’ cloud system is designed to support users throughout a single theater or across multiple venues around the world. Data collected from several locations is brought together in a single repository, allowing for streamlined monitoring and project planning.

Distributed product education

Continuing education for your staff? Training and preparing new staff for production rotations? The cloud application can handle this as well with custom knowledge bases built directly into the application. Users around the world can easily access the correct inspection or operational protocols, ensuring compliance with accepted operational proceedures.

Third party electronic form signatures via Adobe Echosign

Track user compliance with report and repair third party verified signatures via Adobe Echosign. Built directly into the application, it is a seamless process to file and sign all types of reporting from inspections, authorizations to repairs.

Report edit trackingn

Who was the last person that changed the inspection report? Who updated the final repair report and when? With edit tracking, administrators can monitor document flow and editing, seeing edits, time of edit and editor.


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