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theatrical flyingtheatrical flying

Turnkey Theatrical Flying for the Entertainment Industry

Theatrical flying is complex. Good thing we’re experts.



Turnkey rental theatrical flying packages for touring, installations and special events.



Trained flying operators and system installation supervisors.



Safety training and monitoring systems for equipment, operators and aerialists.



Custom flying installations in theaters, casinos, temporary venues, special use venues, tents, arenas and cruise ships.

POET Technical Services is a complete technical entertainment production company for the entertainment industry, but our primary focus has shifted over the years to performer theatrical flying effects. With over 60 high-speed stage performer flying winches available for rental, our rental department has one of the largest stage flying rental inventories in the world.

Some of POET Technical Services stage-flying effects include:

  • Single line high-speed stage flying winches for acrobatic aerial performance (for both single and duo acrobatic performances as well as performer harness flying).
  • Stage flying operator-controlled 360-degree rotation three-axis performer flying systems (featuring motorized rotate, performer lifting, and curved track travel) suitable for singers, corporate presenters, actor or performer flying.
  • Straight linear tracking two-axis performer flying systems including lifting and linear tracking suitable for vocalists, corporate presenters or acrobatic flying.
  • Synchronized linear tracking two-axis performer flying systems featuring motor encoded synchronized lifting and linear tracking used primarily for choreographed aerial effects and tracking acrobatic bungee systems.
  • Four lift line heavy lifting systems for multiple person aerial performances (multiple person aerial trapeze performances is an example), vertical aerial prop lifts and aerial platform entrances.
  • Stage flying harness systems for corporate presenters or non-acrobatic performers to safely execute aerial effects during the course of a live event or corporate entertainment presentation.
  • Manual performer lifting systems (such as mechanical advantage systems) for theatrical or aerial performance effects.

Add theatrical flying effects to your production, venue or special event!

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Our knowledge of the complete technical entertainment production equation enables us to interface seamlessly with your existing production team, enabling us to implement complex flying effect safely and economically.

Safety plays a critical part in theatrical performer stage flying. Safety of the guests, performer, and crew is paramount and all POET Technical Services stage flying systems feature multiple redundant safety features. All stage flying systems feature durable frame enclosures, both internal motor brakes and external redundant safety brakes, active line load sensing, drive fault load sensing, limit switches and programmed acceleration – deceleration ramping.

The Poet Technical Services team can help you conceive, design, CAD, construct, install, maintain and inspect stage flying systems for your theater, casino, cruise ship, or special event.

Contact us today to learn more about our flying systems, philosophy, or if you have any questions. We would be happy to help!

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