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What is web design and why is it important?

Website design is about more than putting together a series of images, lines of codes, and written content. It is about simply and creatively displaying a company’s message and brand to their audience. Great web design will inspire, it will become the face and voice of the brand, and it will generate the desired response.

If you were planning on going to the gym, would you wear a red carpet outfit? The answer is simple…you wouldn’t.

Conversely, if you were going to a red carpet event, would you wear gym clothes? Once again, the answer is simple…you wouldn’t.

Does wearing different outfits to different events make you a different person? The answer is once again easy to see…wearing different outfits doesn’t make you a different person.

Creating the ideal website design for your company is similar to deciding what outfit to wear to each event. The outfit, or in this case the web design that you choose, is going to become a visual representation of your “self”, and in this case your company’s brand.

Choosing the right web design can help you to effectively portray your brand to your digital audience. Conversely, choosing the wrong web design can make you feel as if you have wound up on the red carpet wearing your favorite pair of gym shorts.

Dress For Success

We are here to make sure that your brand is always “dressed” for success in the online marketplace.

Building an online platform that can effectively promote your business begins with the choice of a web design partner. Just as you would build a brick and mortar location from the ground-up, so too do we focus on creating a website for your company that has the strong foundational tools needed to succeed in this hyper-competitive market.

We use a tried and true design process to create your new website. This process accounts for both the visual representation as well as the back-end technological intricacies that are needed to properly represent your brand online.

The effects of a great website design start with the positive web “presence” that it achieves. This “presence” can be defined as the ability for the site to be found by potential customers, the emotional response that it creates, the size of its digital footprint, and the ability of the site to simultaneously attract new customers and to retain current customers.

Improving website design begins with a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. It continues when we analyze your goals, as well as the perception of your customers. It is finished when we create a perfectly crafted site experience, which incorporates a design that accurately supports and promotes your brand.




Keep It Simple

A website is only as good as the platform that it is built upon, and that’s why we choose WordPress for most online marketing applications.

WordPress improves the ease and speed with which an attractive, SEO-optimized website can be built. As a design basis, it provides the strong foundation needed to build a stunning online platform that can deliver the required results.

You also wouldn’t buy a $10,000 pair of running shoes for recreational jogging, why would you spend $100,000 to custom-develop a website from scratch? If you are not creating a custom app or have intensive database requirements, you wouldn’t. It just doesn’t make sense from a fiscal standpoint. (Although most software development companies will tell you otherwise.)

WordPress is like the comfortable pair of sneakers that you need to complete your hypothetical marathon. From an incredible amount of plugins, to the ease with which the site can be maintained, to the streamlined templates that can be enhanced at a moment’s notice, WordPress is our preferred tool for creating a stunning website design for corporate marketing applications.

Before We Begin

Before we begin any web design work, we first fix any structural issues that might exist with your business’ online foundation.

In other words, we optimize the foundation, so that we can easily build upon it. To do this, we examine new and innovative ways to display pertinent business information.

From an SEO standpoint, this means that we make sure that the chosen website design will be user-centric, easily display valuable content, leverage the best hierarchy, and effectively communicate your business offerings and goals with your intended audience.

We integrate the best SEO tactics into our web designs. Our understanding of improving organic search ranking results comes into play during this portion of the design process.

We make sure that your site doesn’t lose any valuable components during the design phase that could negatively affect your ranking results. Whether it is ensuring that the ideal images are chosen, or determining the best way to display written content, we have the skill set needed to help you reach your customers.

Design Is The Message

Our mission is to use powerful web design, combined with proven SEO tactics, and an intimate understanding of digital marketing to increase your company’s search ranking results. We believe that effective design can be used to reach and inspire audiences.

The manner with which visual and written content is shared tells a story. This story can be used to connect more strongly with your intended audience. When your audience sees your newly crafted website, they should immediately feel an emotional pull. This trigger might cause them to want to learn more about your products or services. It might encourage them to pick up the phone to place an order. Or, it might create a stronger online following. All of these “mights” are dependent on one key factor — the website design.

A carefully constructed website design will help you to connect with your customer. You will be able to retain loyal brand ambassadors, while simultaneously growing your following.

With the right design, you can motivate your site visitors to become more than customers, they can become active participants in your company’s journey.

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