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A Goal-Oriented Approach To SEO.

Search engine optimization is about more than simply rising to the top of search results.

It is about understanding the intricacies of every digital communication to decipher the correlation between published content and the results that it delivers. Our goal is to achieve results not once, not twice, but every single day.

We strive to create an SEO campaign that connects our clients with their customers. After all, the minute a potential customer conducts a search, he or she is looking for a specific answer or solution.

It is our goal to make you, our client, the solution for your customers each and every time. We do this by recognizing the psychological and technological components that are involved in any SEO campaign.

A psychological understanding of your customer tells us how to create content that answers their questions, while our technological expertise allows us to create the digital backbone of any SEO campaign.

The 3 Steps Needed For SEO Success

Step One: An In-Depth Review

Although we are a Fort Lauderdale-based SEO company, we are able to review websites for both local and out of state customers.

We start this review process to see how your company has approached SEO in the past. The core of the review process is to look for strengths and weaknesses of the past and current SEO marketing efforts.

For example, are there search engine penalties that are hurting the current site rankings?

Is the hierarchy of the site confusing?

Has each page been properly indexed by Google and other site engines?

Does each page speak to a specific keyword, while simultaneously delivering user-centric content?

By asking these types of questions we can delve into the content of the site to determine how the content, navigation, load speed, and other structural components are affecting the site’s SEO ranking.

Step Two: Optimize For Long-Term And Local Results

We optimize your site to create a strong foundation for long-term, and local results.

To do this, we add user-centric content, resolve any Google onsite penalties, fix broken or missing links, and improve the structure of your site to give it the foundation needed to succeed. Whether your company is located in Anchorage, Alaska or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we add local SEO components to ensure that your site ranks well on both a local and national level.

To put the importance of this step into perspective, let’s take a look at the preparation that a runner undergoes when training for a marathon. The runner starts by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. They evaluate how they will need to train in order to reach their goal. Next, they begin to train. Throughout the training process they fix any weaknesses that will keep them from achieving their goal. Finally, when race day comes, they are confident that they will not only be able to achieve their goal, but that they will do it in style.

Optimizing your site uses the evaluation from Step One to create the training plan needed to succeed. Just as the runner adjusts training to meet current and future goals, so too do we adjust our tactics to deliver impactful results.

Finally, when optimization is complete, we are ready to move onto step three: promoting your site to your customers.

Step Three: Promote Your Site

Once your website has been properly optimized, we are ready to promote it to your customers.

Remember that the goal of our SEO services is to turn your company into the solution for your current and future customers. To do this, we need to implement both on-site and off-site promotion techniques.

On-site promotion is the act of transforming your website into the answer to your customers’ questions. Answering these questions means understanding and responding to your customers through high-valued, content-driven, and user-centric website content. Next, we use off-site promotion to push your content into a wide variety of digital channels.

We know and understand that a great SEO campaign is about more than simply creating an optimized website. It is about optimizing your company’s entire digital footprint.

Off-site promotion embraces this concept by pushing your content to different channels, including: blogs, PR sites, news, social media networks, and other sites. Through proper linking techniques, your content then pushes new customers back to your site. It is a mutually beneficial loop that successfully promotes your website to the top of the search engine results

The SEO Mystique

There is a certain mystique surrounding SEO and online marketing in general. We take a different approach – we keep it simple.

We see these questions the most – if you don’t see an answer, shoot us an email and ask – we would be happy to give you our take on your question. (We might even add it to this page).

What is SEO?

SEO is a very simple concept (although SEO providers like to drown you in unintelligible statistics and terminology). The acronym “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is a series of techniques and tactics employed to increase the number of visitors to your website. SEO experts work to optimize your website to increase it’s organic search engine results (hopefully getting to the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo).

It is important to think of search engine results as a scorecard. The search engines are constantly “grading” websites because it’s in the search engines’ best interests to put the “A+” websites first (the best answer for their customers). If your website is slow, never updated, has a bad visual design, contains duplicate content, thin content, or bad content, you will be moved down in the search results and potential customers won’t even see you or your business online.

Beyond the technical (read “software engineering”) aspects of SEO (such as page speed, site structure and other coding elements), the core of good SEO is to create something great that people will enjoy, want to share, and come back to see what you are doing next.

Warren Buffet has a special way of distilling down complicated concepts, and one of our favorites is Warren’s two rules of investing:

“Rule Number One: Never lose money.”

“Rule Number Two: Never forget Rule Number One.”

We apply a version of this to SEO and paraphrase this into POET Media’s two rules for SEO:

“Rule Number 1: Create things people can find, enjoy and share online.”

“Rule Number 2: Repeat Rule Number 1.”

Why is SEO important for my business?

SEO is how today’s customer finds you and researches you BEFORE making the buying decision.

At an absolute minimum, all businesses should be optimized locally online so customers can find them or call them.

Advertising and marketing is critical in today’s competitive environment to reach new customers and retain existing customers.

If you are not always adding value to your customer’s journey, you risk losing potential business to your competitors.

How can POET Media help us with SEO?


We help you create things that are related to your business that your potential customers can find online, enjoy (because it helps them in some way), and share (because they think that this creation will help their friends).

Of course we will fix all of the structural issues and work to remove any penalties so people can find you online.

What are some of POET Media’s specific SEO services?

Our focus is increasing your company’s organic search engine ranking. To achieve this goal, we execute all of the elements needed for a successful SEO campaign.

For an SEO effort to be successful, you need a lot of different elements to be successful:

A compelling story

Great website design.

Quality, content-focused link building offsite.

SEO technically-optimized website.

Ongoing content creation, both onsite and offsite.

Story delivery via multiple online channels

Development of new content delivery channels and link sources

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, this is our focus – quality construction, one digital brick at a time.

POET Media is an SEO Company based in Fort Lauderdale – do we have to be in the same city to work together?

POET Media is a boutique SEO digital marketing agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida providing SEO services to local businesses as well as SEO services to businesses across the United States.

We have clients all over the world for many of our services, but we have limited our SEO services to the United States at this time.

Want to learn more about how POET Media can help optimize your company and implement an effective digital marketing campaign?

Give us a call or contact us via email. We are always happy to help.

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