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The POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship Program

POET Media is happy to announce its digital marketing scholarship program for 2017. One winner will receive $1,000 to help with their academic expenses for the 2017 academic year.

About POET Media

POET Media is the digital marketing subsidiary of the POET Companies. We focus on creating engaging, online content for our clients and their customers and combining it with the latest in SEO and local SEO techniques. Through focusing on web design, content and answering their customer’s questions, we increase our client’s search engine ranking, directly impact their bottom line. We take the guesswork out of your digital marketing campaign by keeping it simple and delivering tangible results.

We have over 20 years experience in designing entertaining marketing events for corporations, creating entertainment experiences at sea and on land with our marine and theatricals divisions, creating custom applications and designing content with impact in our design subsidiary.

The Application Process

In order to apply for and be considered for the POET Media Digital Marketing 2017 Scholarship, please complete all of the following steps:

POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship Details and Important Information

Award Conditions: There is one award per year, eligible students can apply only one time per year.

Award Eligibility: To qualify for the scholarship, you must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student from an accredited university or college in the United States.

Application Requirements: Compose an original essay per the description below and email it along with a scan of your current student identification document to scholarship@poet.co

Eligibility: The POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate students from accredited higher education institutions (colleges and universities) in the United States only.

Note: The Academic Institution (College or University) must be recognized and accredited.

The Application Process

Step 1: Essay Requirements

Write an essay (in English) that is between 2500 and 3500 words as per the following instructions and topic:

Students use search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) in several different ways, from shopping, asking questions, to finding restaurants or finding local service providers. There is a difference in the types of search performed based on the type of interface (mobile versus desktop).

Discuss in detail how different interfaces (mobile phone, tablet, and computer) affect how you use search engines to find what you are looking for and why you made these choices.

Some example discussion points:

Before submitting your application, please ensure that you have provided all the required information. Essays that are deemed incomplete or have grammatical, punctuation, spelling or other errors will be immediately disqualified.

Step 2: Submit all the informations to scholarship@poet.co

Successful Application Confirmation

If all the information provided in your application is correct, and you meet all of the eligibility requirements, you will receive a confirmation email from us within 7 business days of submitting your completed application.

Please note that any applications received after the deadline of 11:59 PM EST, December 31, 2017 will not be considered.

Payment Process

The POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship will be disbursed to only one winner each year.

Students who win the scholarship will receive a payment of $1,000 (One Thousand US Dollars).

The winner of the POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship will be announced one week after the submission deadline.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship, the scholarship applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited University or College.
  2. Has either an identity card, identification number or any other type of legal document that is provided by their institution of choice and include this information with the application.
  3. The final decision regarding the winner will be made by POET Media and is not open to appeal.
  4. Scholarship winners will be thoroughly checked and verified before any payments are processed. If any false information is submitted, the entire application will be disqualified and rejected. In these instances the applicant cannot reapply for the scholarship.
  5. Essays will be checked against Copyscape (or similar service) and any plagiarizing/ duplicate content will result in an immediate disqualification.
  6. Each student can only apply one time per year.
  7. All Submissions are subject to the below “Privacy and Proprietary Rights to Submitted Materials”.

Questions, Feedback, Clarifications

If you have any questions regarding our scholarship, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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