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Synchronize and lock your company’s digital presence on the internet across the 60+ digital business information publishers we cover with LOCALSYNC™.

What is Digital Presence?

Digital Presence is your business’ footprint on the internet. This “presence” acts as street sign or billboard for today’s generation of consumers.

Today’s customers search online either via a mobile phone or their computers to find their way to local businesses.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business in the world needs a continually evolving, consistent and powerful digital presence.

Why is it important to manage your company’s digital presence?

Smartphones have also dramatically changed the way customers interact with local businesses.

Today, over 80% of consumers search for local businesses online, and “Near Me” searches have increased by 3300% since 2011.

Percentage of in-person, local purchases that include online research.
Percentage of local searches using a mobile device that result in a purchase.
Percentage of sales and customer conversions that occur within 1 hour of initial mobile search.
Percentage of purchasing decisions are still made in-person and locally.
Percentage of sales that still occur locally, in person.

Should I Care?

When presented with incorrect information about a business online, 73% of people lose trust in that business.

This makes sense in a way, if the business doesn’t care enough about how it presents itself, how is it going to care about me, the customer?

On average, 66% of business listings contain some form of incorrect information. A 2013 study showed that up to 40% of LOCATION information online is wrong.

Your customers won’t be able to find you if they go to the wrong address. It is like paying to advertise your business on a billboard and putting the wrong telephone number.

Businesses lose over $10 billion dollars per year due to incorrect and incomplete online information.

The Numbers

2 in 3
Number of Businesses with Incorrect Business Listings
2 in 5
Number of Businesses with Incorrect LOCATION Information
4 in 5
Number of Consumers that Search for Local Businesses Online
Dollars in Billions Lost by Businesses with incorrect location data per year.

Why is so much online business information incorrect?

There is no single source or permanent record of location-specific data online (well, until us).

For the average business studied, location listing information changed every SIX days for business name, business address and business telephone number.

This is equivalent to almost SIXTY-ONE core business data changes per year.

This is a HUGE problem that we can help solve.

Why is consistent local digital presence is critical to business success?

It actually does matter to have the exact same name, address and phone number listed on every possible digital directory and map.

Even if they don’t seem like a problem to you, inconsistent citations can seriously confuse search engines and hurt your SEO.

“When a business’ listings are complete with hours of operation, reviews, ratings, photos and relevant information like menus or product lists, consumers are 197% more likely to view that business as a place they can depend on.”

Google/Ipsos Media, 2014

How do we help?

Inconsistent and incorrect business location information across GPS devices, online maps, apps, directories, social networks and search engines costs you customers and sales. We can control your business’ information across over 60+ partner sites, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo and Yelp, from just one place.

We continually correct and update your business’ information across all sites with real-time updates.

We work to get your business listed everywhere.

We suppress duplicate listings that can damage SEO results.

We track the performance of your listings.

We lock down your business information to prevent unauthorized changes.

We help you take control of your business’ presence online, and help your customers find you.

We work with you to optimize your company’s presence on Google.

In today’s world of smartphones, location-based applications and the coming self-driving cars, accurate location data is absolutely critical to business success. The leader in search, mapping and application support is Google, and Google is critical to a successful location marketing strategy.

We work with you to synchronize and manage your Google My Business account enabling you to:

Update your customers rapidly to any changes to key location data (unforeseen closings or promotions for example).

Monitor and control the information Google receives about your location, and ensure it’s always synchronized, authoritative and current.

We help you publish everywhere and on any device.

We are partnered with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories, and we leverage those partnerships and direct connections to the publishers to get your business found.

We focus on enhancing your business listings and driving revenue.

We are content creators. We work with you to help you create the most complete, attractive and accurate presence on all of the search engines, map applications, location-based mobile apps and local directories where your customers are searching for local businesses and services.

Enhanced Content

We leverage your business listing across the internet to elevate your company above the competition and drive results for you. Our enhanced content showcases your business beyond just the standard name, address and telephone number with detailed photos, videos, company descriptions, menus, business hours, staff bios, product lists, service lists and more. We put the information about your company that your customers are searching for at their fingertips.

Complete enhanced content local directory listings from POET Media receive 416% more views than those businesses with typical directory listings.

Interact with Your Customers Online with LOCALSYNC

Most experiences customers have with companies happen on a local level, with your customers recording their experience with business reviews, pictures, videos and social media posts across the internet.

Our platform allows you to monitor the customer experience with real-time notifications about what your customers are saying about your business on the internet.

Reviews are monitored across every listing site that supports this feature including Yelp, Facebook, Google+ and Citysearch, in real time.

Control Your Information and Your Company’s Online Image with LOCALSYNC

We stop errant and rogue profiles from confusing your customers and reducing your search engine results. We keep you in control of how your company is presented online.

Duplicate business listing information appears across the internet due to the nature of how data aggregators compile data and attempt to keep data current. These duplicate business listings cost you time, customers, search engine rankings and ultimately money.

Why is there a recurring fee with LOCALSYNC?
Can’t I just fix this once?

All forms of digital marketing, search engine optimization and digital presence management require constant attention and updates. In regards to online listings, there is no permanent record and the only way to standardize them is to lock them down with our system.

With the amount of data aggregation services on the internet trying to automatically update listings with what they think is new information, we have seen unlocked business listings’ basic data (Business Name, Business Address, and Business Telephone Number) changes on average every 6 days, or 61 times per year.

Listing freshness contributes to search engine results, and depending on the monthly subscription level, our content team generates a certain amount of fresh content (social media posts, listing updates and other content) for your company’s business listing.

The recurring fee also enables access to enhanced content opportunities (special offers, menus, products, services, bios and customer reviews) that cannot be done directly with these business listing sites on an individual basis.

What happens if I cancel my LOCALSYNC subscription?

We release the lock on your listings and each publisher will regain control of your company’s listing information on their website. All of the enhanced content associated with your business listing (photos, videos, menus, bios, business hours and other special offers) will also be removed.

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