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Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” is the latest overused marketing buzzword and has been hailed as the new standard to advertise products and to attract customers.

Ok, so what is content marketing and do we need to do it to get more customers?

Content Marketing = Storytelling

That’s right, something as old as language itself has been relabeled as something new, a “magic bullet” so to speak. Cavemen drew pictures on walls, telling stories of great adventures, visual entertainment and information of fantastic deeds performed by their ancestors.

Throughout human history, stories have been told using a wide variety of mediums, from coal and a cave wall, to theaters in Greece, and now via a handheld telephone and a camera. Stories fire the imagination, captivate hearts and inspire people.

Storytelling is not new – calling it “content marketing” is.

Why make it more complex?

Does making it complicated-sounding make it easier to sell it?

What is Business?

Business can be thought of in a simple way, as a two-part concept:

1. create a product or service that people need (the “creating a viable business” part)

2. tell people how it can help them and why they should want your product or service (the “storytelling” part).

Of course the day-in and day-out laboring for quality, consistent execution is the challenge facing all businesses.

This “new” idea (content marketing,) as related to online marketing, centers around creating valuable content (text, e-books, images, infographics, videos, and other materials) for your customers and potential customers. The idea is that this will help you keep your existing customers, and potentially attract new ones.

Making a Connection

In the old American West, the general store served as hub for the people living in the surrounding areas to come and buy supplies and to get help with different questions on “how to” projects.

You might have experienced this is some of the smaller, independently owned hardware stores (Ace Hardware comes to mind), where the staff actually help you put together a project so it will be successful – actually caring about helping their clients succeed.

This goes far beyond just “selling” an screwdriver, it is about caring about your customers and freely exchanging knowledge.

Reaching Your Audience Online

In the digital age, we work with you to create this type of “hub” for your customers. We design a vehicle for your story, and how it benefits your customers.

This “storytelling”, or content marketing, for your business rests on a foundation of the compelling, pertinent information and actual help for your customers.

Our focus is to make your company a resource that your customers reuse on a daily basis. For over 20 years we have created compelling stories for our clients and our audiences in a multitude of different channels.

We have created stories beyond just the written word, including content for live events, web applications, websites, theatrical shows, video, music, projections, and architecture.

The challenge in reaching today’s customers (or audiences) is that there are so many different channels of content consumption. We focus on new and unique ways to reach customers and to craft and tell your story.

Interested in learning more about how content marketing can help your bottom line?

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