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Search Marketing That Makes Sense

The world of marketing is changing … are you keeping up? Technology has given us a world of answers in the palm of our hand… when we want something… we search for it… any question, answered instantly… and that answer tailored exactly for what we want.

An entire world of people are searching for that special experience…researching options…refining choices…seeking out the best answer…

Are you that answer?

Partner with the team that can tell your story and connect you with people looking for your answer. Call us today to get started.

Our Services

What do we do?

We increase our clients’ search rank results.

No fancy jargon, just better results.

Our goal, when a potential customer is researching potential purchases or comparing options, is for our clients to appear at the top of the search results for that query. We strive for our clients to be the answer the question that is asked.

This point of the purchase process is critical for conversion and has been shown in multiple studies to be a key influencer in customer choices. The perception of being the expert in your field or product area plays a large part of instilling trust in the consumer.

Building an online platform to promote your business and product is the same as building a physical brick-and-mortar business. When building a business you build a strong foundation and then build and grow on that solid foundation, one brick at a time. It’s a tried-and-true process that every real business has gone through and is at the core of their success.

Digital marketing can be confusing with all of the fancy acronyms, tactics, metrics and industry-specific jargon. The POET media Team has a different approach. We view digital marketing from a business owner’s perspective in three steps.

Our Process


Step One: We take a look at the business’ online foundation (business website) and web presence, then we analyze where it can be improved and if there are any search engine penalties hurting ranking results.

We call this the “REVIEW” portion of the process and this can take between 2 to 4 weeks to complete a thorough analysis.

In this review portion, we take a deep look into the content on the website, looking for user relevance, content value, “thin” content issues, and duplicate content issues. In addition to content analysis, we review the structural aspects of the website, including navigation, mobile friendliness and website load speed.


Step Two: We fix (or work with your team to fix) structural issues with your business’ online foundation. This is what we call the “OPTIMIZE” portion of the process. In addition to website structural issues, we take steps at this point to eliminate Google onsite penalties that impact search rank results. We address all of the “content” penalties and work to add new, user-centric, valuable content to the website.

These two steps to analyze and improve the online business foundation are critical to future success and have the greatest return on marketing investment that you can achieve from an online perspective. We believe so strongly in these two steps that we will not move to step three until these fixes are completed. If you don’t review and optimize your main portal for your business (which is, in our view, your business website) you are simply wasting money moving to the promotion stage.

It’s similar to building a skyscraper on the foundation of straw. In the short term, you may see some results, but in the long-term, you will just need to rebuild everything again.


Once the business’ online foundation is optimized and ready for growth, we then move to step three, which we call the “PROMOTE” portion of the process. In this stage we do both on-site and off-site promotion.

Simply stated, “on-site” promotion is transforming your business website into the online answer to your customers questions. We do this by researching your potential customers’ questions and then answering them with content specifically created to convert them into paying customers. “Off-site” promotion focuses on pushing your content out into various channels (social media, news, blogs, PR) and creating quality links back to your website.

It’s important to remember that just like building a business, this type of marketing takes time and effort to execute properly and effectively. Short-term tactics to try to “game” the ranking system are in effect building your business on a foundation of straw. Our focus is to do it right the first time and to create lasting impact, traffic and sales for your business.

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About Us

Who Are We?

The POET Media team is comprised of a team of creative minds that are passionate about marketing and branding.

Our leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs who own and operate multiple businesses across several industries from entertainment, marketing, software development, real estate and oil and gas.

We experience what business owners do on a daily basis and we saw the need to take the mystery out of marketing online and just get results.

Our Team Members

The Team Leads behind POET Media

Michael McPherson
Executive Producer & Founder


Michele Morrison
Executive Producer


Sandy Pennino
Accounts and Logistics Manager

What’s Our Mission?

Our mission is to increase your company’s website search ranking results by doing things that make sense.

We focus on making online marketing understandable and we employ simple, effective tactics to increase search engine ranking.

Tomorrow’s customer is out there searching for your answer.

We help connect you.

How Are We different?

Although we have many corporate clients ranging from large multinational enterprises to small businesses, we do not have a traditional corporate culture. We do not spend money on elaborate presentations or on outside business development sales persons to move us through the bureaucratic corporate process.

We are big believers in the “bigger hammer” theory. If the goal is to drive the nail, just bring a hammer (and a big one). Just keep it simple, find what works and then just do it.

We use a simple approach to solve complex problems, one small step at a time.

Do We Fit Together?

“Fit” is a two way street and we know we are not the right fit for every client.

For us, a good “fit” is critical in a long-lasting, successful relationship working together. Before we work with a new client, we sit down and revisit our core beliefs and see if there is a good “fit”. Here are some of our criteria:

We need to believe in you as our client.

For us, the relationship is paramount. This is a long-term partnership and we need to believe that you are invested in the project for the long haul.

We need to believe in your product.

We can’t market something that we would not buy ourselves. We create experiences that people can believe in, and to do that we need to believe it ourselves.

If we can’t make a difference, we won’t take on the project.

It is a waste of time, effort and money – why would we?

If you ask us for a guarantee, we won’t take on the project.

We cannot predict the future and we don’t lie to our clients. We can tell you that we are dedicated to our clients’ success and executing one small step at a time. If you are asking for a guarantee, you don’t believe in us or our processes, and it isn’t a good fit.

Why is fit so important to us?

Fit is the foundation that everything in the relationship is built on, it supports the future growth together. For us, it doesn’t make sense to build anything on a foundation of straw. Been there, done that and have the scars to prove it.

Our thoughts

Our thoughts on digital marketing for business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like working with POET?


We don’t build huge complicated proposals filled with industry jargon to impress you. We can – but it won’t help the process and it wastes time and money.

We are going to ask a lot of questions and dive deeper into your business practices. We will want to know about your plans and goals for your business moving forward. We will question choices and ask what the thought process was behind different actions taken. We need to know what the foundation of your business is made up of to build on it.

We take on your project one small step at a time – like building a house one brick at a time. It doesn’t make sense to build the roof first.

Is POET a traditional marketing agency?

We feel that anything “traditional” in today’s fast paced market is doomed to fail. Tomorrow’s businesses need to be in the forefront of new techniques to reach their customers.

So, in a word, no, we are not traditional marketing agency. POET is a small, boutique creative house that seeks custom solutions for custom challenges facing our clients. We seek to create entertaining experiences that capture the imagination of our clients’ customers, bringing them back over and over again.

How much will it cost?

Full transparency – we don’t know yet.

We are more expensive than hiring and managing a group of freelancers, but much less expensive than an in-house dedicated marketing team.

Ok, that is a big range, but it really depends on what we are doing and we won’t know that until we are in the project.

How fast is your site? Is it mobile friendly? Responsive? Do you have duplicate content issues (either on-site or off-site)? Thin content issues?

We don’t know any of this until we dive into your business and its presence online, and that takes time.

The first step, the “REVIEW” portion, is the least expensive part of the process. Normally, we set a price for the in-depth site review depending on the size and type of website being analyzed. The REVIEW gives you a tangible roadmap moving forward (even if you choose not to work with us).

Our clients give us a budget to work with and if we think we can make a difference with that budget, we will move forward. If we can’t make a difference, we will let you know. We don’t “hard sell”, “up sell” or “change-order” our clients.

It’s a partnership and we are here to make a difference.

Why doesn’t POET Media offer the “REVIEW” portion of the process for free?

A lot of other companies offer a “free” review to get new clients in the door. This is a quick cursory review before upselling them on a full-blown, paid review. (We hope they completely review and analyze their clients’ sites before moving forward.)

It is impossible not to charge for a minimum of two full weeks of work and still stay in business. There are multiple different experts needed for the review process and it takes time to do it correctly.

The expense of the “free” service is covered somewhere (usually in the ongoing campaign portion), and sometimes “free” ends up costing more than paid.

We would rather be up front with our clients and keep it simple.

Do you have an hourly rate?

No, we don’t have an hourly rate. We feel that charging by the hour versus the project stifles creativity.

What if you have 1 hour allocated for a staff member to create something? You end up taking what you have at the end of the hour (might be terrible).

What if in the next thirty minutes you came up with an idea that was 100 times better?

We are always seeking that “better idea”, that “better process” or that “better execution”. Constant improvement is in our DNA and it runs 24 hours a day. Hourly work just isn’t a good fit for how we make things great for our clients.

In our other businesses when we are on the “buy” side, we have always found that the hourly rate ends up costing us more and blowing up the budget versus a set project price. Then there is always the question of value received versus time expended and the focus becomes on the trees versus the forest as a whole.

We believe project pricing protects our clients and places the burden of performance on us (where it should be).

Can we just skip to the promotion and start driving leads to our site now?

Our goal is to increase traffic to your website and bring you more sales.

If the main target of all of your promotion (your website) is being penalized by the search engines, all of that work is wasted.

It’s a tactics versus strategy question. Is it better to spend $10,000 in the beginning to fix foundational issues, and then $5000 a month ongoing for promotion, or is it better to spend nothing in the beginning (leaving onsite penalties) and $10,000 a month ongoing to achieve the same result?

We are business owners also, and we would choose to fix the problem in the beginning and have lasting growth.

Have any Questions?

Reach out to us – we’re friendly and would be happy to help!


We like old-fashioned phone calls.

It gives us a chance to get to know you better and for you to learn more about us. Shoot us an email and we can schedule a call at a time that works for you.

So, what do we talk about while we are getting to know each other?

We ask a lot of questions. We talk about your business, your goals, what’s working, what isn’t, and why you reached out to us. We would like to know how you like to work and how you see this potential partnership functioning.

We will need to know your budget for the marketing campaign.

We will talk about how we work and answer any questions you might have on how we do things. We will talk about “fit” and our philosophy and our approach. We will talk about things that we have seen that do not work and why.

We will take a quick tour of your website with you on the phone and let you know where we see improvements that can be made from a design and content perspective.

If it makes sense to move forward after the call, we will send you a proposal of how we see ourselves working together and for the phase one in-depth review of your website’s content and structure.

We do not hard sell. “Fit” is a two-way street and we both need to feel comfortable moving forward. Everything is per project and there is no ongoing contract. You can stop at any time.

How to reach out to us.

Phone: +1 (954) 956 7681

Email: hello@poet.co

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