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Cutting Edge Live Entertainment for the Cruise Industry

POET Theatricals Marine is the cruise industry live entertainment production subsidiary of The POET Companies. Our team focuses on the design, development, implementation and maintenance of cutting edge spectacular live entertainment concepts aboard cruise ships. Since our first charter production in 2005, POET Theatricals Marine show productions have entertained over 6,000,000 cruise ship guests in over 5000 live performances at sea. Our cruise ship production experience includes charter cruise headline entertainment via customization of one of our land based productions as well as full cruise ship production show conceptualization, technical and artistic design, construction, show installation and ongoing show maintenance.
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Live entertainment cruise shows from POET Theatricals Marine encompassing cirque-style productions, special effects spectaculars, musical theater and aerial extravaganzas have won 5 industry awards, including the “Cruiser’s Choice Awards” for Best Entertainment from Cruise Critic in 2012, “Best Show” Magellan Awards from Travel Weekly Magazine in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and “Best Entertainment” from Global Traveler Magazine in 2015.


Cruise Production Shows

Industry Specific Process Development

Shore-side Entertainment Support

Entertainment production on board cruise ships is unique to the cruise industry, the specific cruise line, and the live entertainment concept itself. Customized entertainment productions require concept-specific infrastructure, training and preparation. In addition to creation of custom live cruise ship entertainment, the POET Theatricals Marine team develops the custom shore-side process and software infrastructure needed to support ongoing operations of these concept-specific entertainment productions.

Entertainment is always changing with tastes, times and new technology. Modern audiences are constantly bombarded with new and different experiences that are vying for their attention. Some of the latest directions in entertainment creation are focusing on fusing entertainment directly in the customer experience. In digital realm this is done via advances in virtual reality and predictive UI design and machine learning. In the life entertainment arena there is a movement to take the live entertainment experience off the traditional “stage” and infuse it into the entire live experience. Our live entertainment team has extensive experience in creating premium live experiences and transforming unused or underutilized venues into revenue generating spaces.

Stage Show Productions

Unique Themed Productions

Immersive Dinner Entertainment

In addition to full length stage theatricals, POET Theatricals Marine designs and implements live entertainment concepts that integrate the dining experience with live entertainment and architectural theming creating unique, immersive, interactive live entertainment experiences. Our team has been working with fusion the dining experience with live entertainment since 1996. We have created several types of immersive dining concepts coordinated with dinner service in hotels around the world for some of the world’s largest corporations. These creations including complete décor and theming design in synchronization of the live entertainment with the menu, the theme and the overall concept. Entertainment concepts have included cirque-style theatrical circus performances and dinner, musical theater and opera style performances, and special-effects spectaculars.

With their large variety of venues and their unique architectural aspects, cruise ships allow for a wide range of immersive entertainment design and the opportunity thrill cruising guests in ways you were not able to shore side.

Want to learn more about producing with POET and bringing unique live entertainment experiences that delight your guests?

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