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The POET Events team has multiple corporate event entertainment options from custom-created branded corporate entertainment experiences to integration of existing live entertainment for your corporate event. We can also work with your corporate event entertainment idea to create a unique event entertainment experience for your meeting attendees.

Some examples of custom corporate event entertainment creative services include:

Trade Show Booth Entertainment Design

Trade shows are an excellent source of leads, potentially converting into paying customers. Unfortunately, all of your competitors are on the trade show floor also clamoring for attention. A useful tool to attract people to your booth is to create an entertainment attraction that acts as a beacon to your area.

Some examples the POET Team has used in past trade show events are:

  • Aerial cirque-style entertainment above the trade show booth to create an “entertainment beacon” to your exhibit space.
  • Creating presenter-flying opportunities in which the presenter flies over the trade show booth and the audience on a tracking system during product presentations.
  • Integration of live entertainment with product presentations and product demonstrations.
  • Multi-use entertainment concepts to prompt return-attendee traffic to your exhibit location to view repeat performances.

Transitional Venue Design

Corporate event spaces can be limiting in some instances, especially for multi-day events with the same attendees. A week of business sessions in the same room can lead to a desensitizing of the audience. It is important to think of attention and focus as almost like a sponge – you need to squeeze it out to make space for new information. In presentations, the audience needs to be “reset” to be the most focused and to retain your message.

An effective way to “reset” the audience is to design transitional spaces, giving multiple environmental “looks” and different sensory experiences.

Some examples the POET Events design team has used in the past to refocus audiences are:

  • Projected Imagery. Extensive use of projected imagery on ceiling and surfaces surrounding the audience enables a limitless palette to transform the room into any space. Rooms can be transformed with vistas of mountains or oceans, and even incorporate corporate messaging in large projection formats.
  • Multi-use entertainment sets that transform for a variety of entertainment and presentation applications.
  • Enhanced auditory surround special effects that immerse the audience in sound.

Full Live Show Entertainment Design

In some instances, a traditional “sit-down” theater-style presentation fits the programming needs perfectly. Creating a theater length live presentation is an extremely niche skillset, and our public theater producing division, POET Theatricals’, presentations have won countless awards entertaining over eight million spectators in over six thousand live presentations.

Corporate presentations of full-length entertainment productions are not a simple “plug and play” operation. Depending on attendee demographic, the show may need to be edited for length and content or enhanced with product placement. A simple example of this is using the product being launched as the finale appearance in a grand illusion production (the POET Events team created a custom appearance illusion for the Ford Focus launch in this example).

The POET Team can deliver initial show concept through execution of show entertainment production including:

  • Show Conceptualization
  • Stage Direction
  • Choreography
  • Soundtrack Composition
  • Music Production
  • Video Content Design
  • Aerial Performance Design
  • Specialty Act Performance Design
  • Acrobatic Act Design
  • Set Design
  • Costume Design
  • Prop Design
  • Content Integration

Live Entertainment Experience Design

Entertainment is moving off of the traditional “stage” and into immersive experiences for audiences. Corporate event attendees are looking for an experience that can “wow” them in creative and unusual ways. Unlocking creativity in how you present a morning business session, experience an outdoor event on a resort property, or present your product in a “pop up” can help you reach tomorrow’s customer.

Some examples of infusing experience design into corporate marketing events are:

  • Spectacle entertainment in unusual locations.
  • Interactive video experiences.
  • Interactive product experiences.
  • Modular event attractions designed to increase traffic in targeted locations

Entertainment Integration Solutions

The POET Theatricals existing live entertainment productions are available for integration into custom corporate entertainment productions, corporate business sessions, and trade show events. Existing live entertainment productions can be altered to follow corporate messaging or the specific concept of the product launch or corporate event. As a corporate event entertainment production company, POET Events leverages its extensive live entertainment infrastructure and modular entertainment production design to deliver high quality corporate entertainment at attractive price points.

POET Theatricals’ 28 different live entertainment productions represent an over 15 million dollar show content and infrastructure capital expenditure investment that can be leveraged into custom corporate entertainment events.

This “ready” entertainment infrastructure allows POET Events to deliver public quality live entertainment productions to its corporate event clients for tremendous savings. Additionally, this provides for integration of tried, tested and used complex systems into custom corporate events, without the risk of attempting a “one-off” effect.

Contact us to explore the potential of leveraging the POET Events entertainment infrastructure into your custom corporate event.

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Turnkey Entertainment for Corporate Events

Creating experiences with impact is complex. Good thing we’re experts.

Turnkey Entertainment

Turnkey Entertainment

Turnkey theatrical entertainment for corporate events, meetings and product launches.

Integration Capability

Integration Capability

Integrate existing theatrical productions into your event, saving time, money, and resulting in better execution.

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Experienced Team

Over 20 years global experience in the event entertainment industry.

Custom Experiences

Custom Experiences

Have a unique idea for your event? We can create custom experiences based on your vision.


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