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Project Details
Client: Allergan
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Services: Custom Creative Services

“High Voltage” was the launch theme for this event and the client wanted an urban, fun space with unique elements in different locations punctuated with focused entertainment.

With the “urban” directive from the client, we decided to create an urban “street party” environment on the beach in Miami. The client wanted a fun environment with a tremendous amount of variety, so instead of presenting it linearly we chose to add an exploratory element to the experience. In the street or a block party in a real urban environment, you explore different blocks, different foods, different entertainment, different music and even completely different experiences. We wanted to re-create this in our “high-voltage” block party experience.

The venue was a completely manufactured tent city, soundstage, and outdoor entertainment Space on Miami Beach. This 20,000 square foot space was filled with experiences, ranging from street performances, acrobatic BMX riders, thrill acts and music all woven through our urban space. The Poet Team provided all design and production services including the event design, concert stage, lighting, sound, entertainment and staging.

It was important that all of the performances were authentic since guests were in such close proximity. By authentic we mean for example “Street Performers” that weren’t polished stage performers that were artificially placed in this corporate event presentation. True street performance or “busking” is the act of performing in nontraditional public spaces for tips. It is associated with singing, dancing, acrobatic performances, animal performances, juggling, or virtually any type of live entertainment.

A street performer entertains in a completely different way than a stage performer and it was vital that we have that feel to sell our urban experience on the beach. The main difference is that street performer gathers the audience themselves first, before performing, and they do this with force of personality, one on one interaction with passersby, and with certain tricks to garner attention. This “gathering” process is in most instances more entertaining than the actual performance. Another big difference is the “campiness” of a typical street performance. Their acts are typically designed to make you laugh, with moments of “wow” sprinkled in between.

In this event, one of the performers would channel a million volts of electricity through his body using a tesla coil. It sounds like a really amazing dangerous feat, as this performer wore a metal birdcage on his head and a completely metal outfit to channel electricity through his body. He would climb wood ladders as electricity was channeling through his body, lighting the ladder on fire as well as roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with lightning bolts. This performance was funny and fascinating, and was a “campy” tie-in to the high-voltage theme.

This sense of fun and authenticity transported the audience our high-voltage block party, where they could spend an evening exploring the different “street food” food areas, enjoy the band on the concert stage, interact and heckle the buskers, watch the BMX bicyclists perform flips off of ramps, and watch Dr. Megavolt roast hotdogs with a million volts of electricity.

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