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Project Details
Client: Allergan
Location: San Francisco, California
Services: Custom Creative Services, Theatrical Integration of Circo Luci® and Physical Magic®

Allergan was launching a new product, Restasis, that is used to treat chronic dry eye that may be caused by inflammation. It works by increasing the amount of tears you make.

The launch concept was to create an organic moist environment with interactions with water and moisture for the attendees, reinforcing the brand messaging.

A tropical “Rainforest” was created inside the venue as the environment for the launch. As this event was held in a hotel atrium, it required a total transformation into a live forest alive with flowing waters and ambient entertainers. The entertainment was integrated and became part of the forest, a natural element consistent with the thematic décor. It was critical for the entertainment chosen for this event to consistently deliver this message of water, moisture and of nature. We were seeking to make the connection that this pharmaceutical product was connected to nature and organic.
Performances were choreographed with custom water features throughout the space, including aerial performances with music and motion synchronized with the fountains. Specialty entertainment performances were used in various locations throughout this forest to drive attendee traffic to specific messaging areas. These specialty performances were timed to draw attendees deeper and deeper into the forest, and through a series of marketing messages that needed to be delivered to attendees.

The POET Events team used characters from both the Physical Magic and the Circo Luci public shows throughout this corporate product launch event. Additionally, our costume designers custom-created characters matching the client message, costuming all of the ambient performers moving through the space.

The atrium performance area created unique rigging challenges for installing aerial performances. The POET Technical Services team worked with local production companies and designed a unique aerial performance rigging solution in this challenging event space. This ground-supported aerial-rigging structure featured 5 total performer flying systems (four manual mechanical advantage performer flying systems and one straight-line manual flying system) that spanned the “dancing waters” fountain installation. This four tower rigging installation also acted as the centerpiece for the entire event and housed the theatrical lighting for the forest. The truss was covered with trees and branches to hide the inorganic aluminum supporting truss.

Total room transformations, in this case transforming a bare atrium in a hotel in downtown San Francisco into a tropical rainforest, are incredibly effective, especially when attendees have experienced the room in its natural state. It effectively resets audiences’ ability to focus on your message. Another way to think about this is to imagine a person’s ability to focus as a sponge. Now, imagine that before the audience enters the room, their “sponge” is full. They’ve been in business sessions all day, they’ve been on the phone, they’ve been working, and they have the whole normal day-to-day life experiences that fill up that “sponge”. The moment they go through this reset process and walk into a completely new and unexpected environment, it squeezes that “sponge”, emptying it, and giving you room for your message.

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