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Project Details
Client: Microsoft
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Services: Custom Creative Services

The Microsoft “It’s a window” theme needed to play predominately throughout the event, with the launch of Windows 2000 to the South American market.

The concept of the event was to fuse multiple entertainment types together, creating unique “windows” for the audience and the television simulcast. The end client assembled a host of different types of live entertainment and brought them together on site to be assembled into unified entertainment production. Live entertainment types and content included dance, actors, opera, taiko percussion, and cirque-style performances. The wide variety of live entertainment types was meant to signify the different types of performance that opening “windows” could reveal. It drew the connection to opening a “window” (in this case the computer operating system Windows), which can unleash fantastic performance and limitless variety. Supporting the live entertainment was a host of media content including large format still projection and video projection.

The venue for this event was the Via Funchal, a 15,000 m² arena located in Sao Paulo, Brazil that normally hosted concerts and other shows that could seat over 3,000 people. The large expanse of space on the floor area in the semicircular balcony was the perfect combination for large format PANI projection. PANI projectors are some of the most powerful large-format projectors in the world using a slide format to enable the pass-through of high quantities of light. The ability to wrap large portions of the walls of the arena and the straight-on shot of these high-powered projectors enabled projection in almost 270° around the audience. This wrapping of projection immersed the viewer in the entire experience, with the windows opening all around them, reinforcing the limitless capability of the software as well as the imagination of the people operating it. Additionally the theatrical stage lighting didn’t overpower the expansive projections due to the brightness of the PANI. This had the effect of turning the entire 270° viewing area into one show, versus the projections just acting as a supporting feature for the stage performance. It was important that the stage itself was just one of many windows.

The POET Team was tasked with directing certain live stage entertainment aspects by integrating them into the performance as a whole. Large format projection provided for the “large windows”, unique specialty performances created the “small windows” and stage performances created “medium windows”. The live stage performances were altered and re-choreographed to fit the specific “window” that it was designed to fit inside. The fit inside the “window” also need to relate to the other size windows within that scene, and needed to coordinate with the large format project imagery and messaging.

This Gold Medal Marketing Award-winning corporate presentation was a tremendous success, both in the entertainment value for the audience and most importantly in the clarity in the delivery of the Microsoft “it’s a window” theme message. The finale of the production really drove this message home by the movement on stage of the Microsoft Team not opening a door for business, but a “window”.

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