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Project Details
Client: Helzberg Diamonds
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Services: Custom Creative Services, Circo Luci® and Physical Magic® Event Integration

The concept was an interactive entertainment experience for the guests during dinner, flowing directly into an awards ceremony with a magical reveal of the final award winner.

The client was looking for a magical evening as part of their incentive event and awards ceremony for stellar performance for sales team members. The event was an incentive event rewarding sales people, and in effect they were all winners, and this was “their” night.

We approached this event from the standpoint of making the entire night the entertainment experience. This included from the moment the guests initially walked into the ballroom, all the way through to the conclusion of the awards ceremony. The evening needed to flow seamlessly and build almost like one giant show, with the finale payoff being the final award winner being revealed onstage. We wanted the evening to feel like a theater piece, with a natural ebb and flow between entertainment and award sections that grew linearly with impact as the night progressed, and coordinated seamlessly with the hotel’s dinner service presentation. This created a sense of expectation in the audience as they knew where the evening was going and could be excited during each segment, but then ebb and relax into dinner and focus on the next award segment re-charged and energized.

The POET Events team used elements from the public performing versions of Circo Luci and Physical Magic as entertainment elements throughout the evening, customizing them to make one big show for Helzberg Diamonds.

During walk-in, interactive aerial ambient performers were suspended over the dining area, slowly moving up and down in a rhythmic motion enhanced by theatrical lighting effects. This immediate unusual theatrical effect at walk-in effectively resets the audiences focus and sets the mood and foundation for a spectacular experience.

Both the entertainment and award segments were presented throughout dinner courses, and were coordinated with food and beverage service with the hotel. The cirque-style entertainment from Circo Luci included acrobatic performances, specialty circus acts and aerial performances. These cirque-style performances introduced each segment’s award presentation and presenter, allowing the presenter to accept a “warm stage” and an attentive crowd.

Performances were designed to be more impactful as the evening progressed, mirroring the higher tier of award presented. This “mirroring” went beyond just the act presented but reflected aspects of the award given in the upcoming section.

For the finale award, in appearance illusion from Physical Magic was customized to make the winner appear from a giant gemstone and fire. We chose a giant gemstone appearance as it most closely matched the Helzberg Diamonds corporate theme, as well as the scale of this giant gemstone mirrored the winner’s stellar sales achievement.

Poet Technical Services provided full production support for this event, including full theatrical lighting, rigging, special effects, acrobatic rigging, sound and staging. This enabled us to provide a turn-key corporate event production solution for our client, saving them both time and money and giving them the ability to present complex effects in their corporate event.

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