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Project Details
Client: General Motors – Chevrolet
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Services: Custom Car Launch Creative Services, Theatrical Integration of GLACE: Cirque on Ice®

With the press launch of the Novo Chevrolet VECTRA in South America, General Motors wanted a live event that symbolized the swooping, gliding features of the new VECTRA logo and the sweeping elegance of the car itself. A critical element was that the features of the new logo and the “feel” of the new VECTRA needed to be reflected in the live performance for the press.

The live performance also needed to follow along with the marketing imagery in the ad campaign, with as much synchronization as possible with the projected content. The show needed to include several different types of content (several Vectras, celebrities, cirque-style performers, figure skaters, executive presentations, and marketing imagery), and wrap it into a cohesive, meaningful experience for the press.

Seeking to capture the “feel” of “gliding” and “swooping” in a live performance, the POET creative team researched the most impactful live athletic performance that would convey this important message. Venue specifications ruled out aerial performance for this event and the creative team finalized on “ice” as the environment that most closely matched the “feel” sought by the Vectra Team.

POET Events selected one of the POET Theatricals division’s Cirque on Ice® Productions, GLACE, to be customized for the VECTRA launch, integrating unique elements from the existing show tied to General Motor’s corporate messaging for the new VECTRA. Cirque on Ice acted as the performance base into which the Vectra messaging (cars, marketing content, executive presentations) was integrated, that would form a unique production centered around the Vectra.

The surreal qualities of cirque-style performers helped audience members cross the bridge into the fantasy world on ice that we created in the convention center. This “separation from reality” was needed to prepare the viewer for a world on ice filled with cars, characters, celebrities and skaters located in a convention center.

This custom-created production showcased the assembly of the new logo by the show performers on the ice, and then the deconstruction of the logo revealing the General Motors VECTRA. Backed by a 100-foot wide blended video screen, the show mirrored the video imagery chosen to promote the new vehicle to the press. Multiple cars were featured throughout the production driving across the 100-foot wide ice rink, interacting with the figure skaters, the celebrities, the executives and the cirque-style characters. Backstage turntables enabled the cars to make multiple entrances and exits on and offstage throughout the performance.
Also integrated into this custom production were national television celebrities Luana Piovani and Marcelo Antony, who acted as “masters of ceremony” for the event and help bridge the gap from fantasy to reality for the press.

The entire production was designed to focus on the vehicle, in effect making it the “star of the show”. This singular focus on the sweeping elegant “feel” of the car and the emotion it evokes in the driver resurfaced consistently through the production, with executive presentations while skating, celebrities gliding in pods over the ice, the creativity of theatrical circus, melded with the theatrics of professional figure skating.

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