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Project Details
Client: General Motors – Chevrolet
Location: Gramado, Brazil
Services: Custom Car Launch Creative Services

With the launch of the Celta to the press and dealers, General Motors wanted to change public perception on several key points regarding automobile purchase and ownership in the South American market. The car is a low cost super-mini vehicle targeted to the mass market of people that currently could not afford automobiles.

Additionally, this was the first time that configuration and purchase of an automobile could be accomplished via the internet, with the ability to see your customizations in real-time. The presentation needed to show dealers that online configuration and ordering was a plus and a value-add for their business, and would not take business away from their current model.

This project had many different elements that needed to come together during a unified presentation. We needed to have a simple story of why someone would want to make the jump from walking, bicycling, or public transportation, and how they can accomplish this with the General Motors product and using the internet. The presentation needed to highlight that the car was affordable and customizable and how it was attractive to this new market of consumers. Dealers needed to be re-assured that they would be playing a part in this new process, and that it was beneficial to them.

With so many different elements, this live launch needed a story to weave all of the messaging together. This story needed to quickly and clearly transition between different locations and different mediums, and have a “vehicle” to transport the characters. To achieve this the public events team decided to create a Broadway-style theatrical setting and integrate video throughout the hard surfaces. Modular mini sets were created across the space to allow visual representations of the characters traveling to different locations.

We chose a bicycle as the “vehicle” that would transport the main character between scenes, and the car represented a mystical aspiration always moving in the periphery. The performance module locations included a car dealership, the character’s bedroom, the street, the office and the “dream” area. The simple story line was a young man who is trapped on a bicycle and can’t move forward in his career or his life until he makes the next step and gets a car (and gets the girl). The presentation takes the audience through this young man’s journey; showing his frustration with his bicycle; becoming aware of the Celta; finding it, configuring it, and ordering it online; working with the dealer and choosing options for his new car; and ultimately getting the car, the girl, and starting a family and his future.

Beyond storyline and messaging, the presentation was enhanced with “Stomp” style percussive performances using everyday materials, large stage set movements and dance. Percussive performances were chosen because they reflect the “street- style” young person that was the target customer. All of the central characters, the young man, the girl, the dealer, and the people on the street were all “Stomp” style performers.

This presentation won the Gold Medal Marketing award and was very successful in transmitting the message to both the press in the dealers that this new direction would help people and be beneficial to all involved.

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