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Project Details
Client: General Motors – Chevrolet
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Services: Custom Car Launch Creative Services, Theatrical Integration of FOUR: Spirit of the Elements

The concept of the four elements plays throughout the launch messaging for the Chevrolet Captiva. The goal was to harness the mystique of these 4 elements and to infuse them into a live production launching the new Captiva.

The elements of the Earth, Fire, Water and Air have always had a sense of mystery and mystique throughout human history. These elements represent a human being’s true connection with nature and the source of all life. For the launch of the Captiva, the audience needed to be transported “back to nature” and away from modern life. A modern ballroom, convention center or urban location would not followed through with the elemental theme of nature and would have “broken” the feeling we were trying to evoke in the audience. We were seeking to make a connection between the organic feeling of nature and the organic ergonomics of the car. In transferring that organic natural feeling to the car we wanted a sense that it was a living thing, forged from Earth, using Fire, Water and Air. The car is presented as a perfect fit for humans, in that they were designed for each other and that they are both organic.

The venue chosen for this product launch event was a remote desert location near Cabo san Lucas, Mexico, that used a large rock formation as a backdrop. The large rock formation consistently reinforced the element of “Earth” throughout the reveal, and served as an anchor for the other three elements of Air, Water, and Fire. Flame effects, custom water effects, and projection effects were sourced from POET Theatricals’ production of FOUR: Spirit of the Elements and used in the Captiva reveal presentation.
The outdoor location allowed for unique effects such as 100-foot high flame bursts from a propane cannon, choreographed 20-foot tall propane flame flowers, large format projection, performer costume projections, and large water special effects. Large format projection on the natural organic surfaces of the rock faces added a unique texture to the imagery, in effect bringing those surfaces alive. The element of Air was represented through projections of aerial vistas and landscapes on performers’ costumes as they moved across the stage and through the presentation space. Stunt drivers on quad runners and motocross motorcycles drove through the sand and jumped over the rocks in front of the large stone backdrop interacting with the water in projection effects.

This presentation was designed not only to be physically impressive and visually spectacular, but also to stimulate the sense of touch. The heat from the hundred foot high propane flame cannon could be felt hundreds of feet away, all while the moisture from the water cannons could be felt by the audience. At the end of the presentation, the goal was to complete a transference of the organic nature the four elements into the Captiva from the audience’s perspective. The audience truly felt the heat of fire, the blowing of air, in the moisture of water, all while rooted in the earth.

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