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Project Details
Client: Ford Motor Corporation
Location: Fortaleza, Brazil
Services: Custom Car Launch Creative Services, Theatrical Integration of Physical Magic®

The new Ford Focus represented the collaboration of multiple departments in the creation of a completely different vehicle from the previous version. The overall concept for the car reveal was to create a live entertainment experience that showcased the magic of various teams coming together and creating something special. Ford was looking for something that represented the synergies of their various teams in the collaboration and creation of the new Ford Focus.

To achieve this in a live entertainment environment, the POET Events team looked to create a magical environment on stage while incorporating visual media of elements that must come together to create a truly unique automobile. We wanted to convey the sense that the Ford Focus was more than just a sum of its parts, and that each element (the engine, the wheels, the interior and the exterior) on the vehicle contain the spirit of its creators. When the spirit of the entire Ford Team’s creators came together they made something special, the new Ford Focus.

The POET events team combined elements from the public show, Physical Magic, the client’s master of ceremonies, marketing video elements of the new Ford Focus, and grand illusion into one cohesive entertainment presentation. The master of ceremonies magically appeared and disappeared throughout the production. All throughout the production, parts of the new Ford Focus were revealed, teasing the audience for what was to come, and building anticipation.In the show’s finale, a “plasma” ballet was created by manually moving eight plasma screens in different configurations around the stage, showcasing elements of the Ford Focus choreographed with the video content. The artists wore completely black costumes against a black background. Under special effect lighting, this created a “black art” effect, in which the performers disappeared and the eight plasma screens appeared to be floating and moving magically under their own power. The plasma screens combined and broke apart into several different configurations showing pieces of the new Ford Focus coming together, slowly becoming whole. The plasma screens’ final configuration showed the Ford logo and the video screens immediately broke apart on stage to reveal the new Ford Focus live that magically appeared from thin air.

Producing large-scale grand illusion in corporate event environments is challenging in that you typically don’t have the level of control of the venue that you do in a theater environment. In this instance, an outdoor amphitheater was built specifically for this event, allowing for more control over the stage, sightlines, and lighting in the illusion-specific areas. In addition to providing all of the illusions used throughout the show, the POET Events team designed the custom appearance illusion for the Ford Focus, providing detailed plans for local construction on site.

The car launch, moving plasma ballet and magical appearance of the Ford Focus was a tremendous success with audiences, the press, Ford dealers and the automobile marketing industry. The moving plasma ballet won the Grand Prix Award, the entire show won the Gold Medal Marketing Award, and the audience acclaimed the show as “the best show ever made for Ford conventions”.

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