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Project Details
Client: FIAT
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Services: Custom Car Launch Creative Services, Full Event Production, Circo Luci® Dinner Performance

The new FIAT 500 represents a salute to the original 500, and FIAT wanted to relive that nostalgia. In addition to reliving the past, they also wanted to bridge the gap with modern times, fusing the best of both worlds together.

FIAT wanted a completely turn=key event with all production and entertainment services with one production company. In this instance, all of the POET companies worked together to produce and execute the Fiat 500 product launch. This included business sessions, the actual product launch, dinner theater and product marketing materials. The POET team executed lighting, video, staging, production services, booth construction, prop construction, creative design, music production and of course entertainment.

The venue for the launch was the parade area at the Gulfstream horse track in Hollywood, Florida. This area is used to showcase the horses to the public prior to running races. This outdoor location was unique because it enabled us to easily stage the cars entrances and exits into and out of the presentation area with audience viewing in a 180° area. In the center of this circular parade area is a fountain over which we constructed a span and installed multiple elevator lifts that could lift the performers over 15 feet in the air. The water fountain acted as a backdrop for the performance and car reveal area and was theatrically lit along with the performance and parade areas.

Our approach was to engineer an event that would capture the spirit of the original FIAT 500 and showcase how that spirit is embodied in the new FIAT 500. The original Nuova FIAT 500 was launched in 1957, followed by the 500 D in 1960, the 500 Giardiniera also in 1960, the 500 Berlina in 1965, 500 Lusso in 1968, and finally the 500 Rinnovata in 1972. Production ended in 1973 but the car was best known for the late 50s and the 1960s periods. Images of the 1950s and 1960s brings sense of nostalgia and class, and the late 50s was a golden era of the cinematography as well as the golden age of television. The late 50s and 60s’s started the pop art era, led by Andy Warhol, probably the most popular artist of this movement.

Motown was founded in 1959. Incorporated Detroit, Michigan in 1960, the name is a combination of “motor” and “town” and it subsequently become a nickname for Detroit. We felt that the music of Motown, and the nostalgia it invokes in the audience, was a perfect fit for the launch portion of the presentation. Music producers and arrangers from the POET Team in Nashville produced a custom recorded soundtrack for the product launch presentation featuring the classic hits from Motown. Singers and dancers were pre-rehearsed in the Poet studio before coming on site and being choreographed with the movement of the cars in the presentation.
Simulcast over the internet worldwide via FIAT’s website, the production featured live performances of Motown hits, paired with a tiered reveal of the different Fiat 500 models.

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