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Project Details
Client: Celebrity Cruise Lines
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Services: Circo Luci® Performance

The concept was to showcase the theatrical circus productions produced by POET Theatricals Marine on the five Celebrity Solstice Class vessels: the Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Silhouette and the Celebrity Reflection.

The event was the CLIA Cruise 360 event held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “CLIA” stands for the Cruise Lines International Association, which is the worlds largest cruise industry trade association and is dedicated to promoting the cruise travel experience. The CLIA Cruise 360 event is the six-day event and the largest conference in the cruise industry.

This was a unique event as it was a corporate event use to promote the five different Poet Theatricals Marine theatrical cirque-style productions at sea. As these five productions, Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette and Reflection are Circo Luci productions, POET Events used scenes and performers from the original Circo Luci as entertainment for the CLIA 360 Event.

Elements of Circo Luci were customized for the performance space, time constraints and staging constraints for this event. As this was a showcase event for all of the cruise lines to promote their entertainment, the POET team worked with the existing stage, lighting, sound and video installations used for the general session. With such a limited time for rehearsals on stage, this customized version of Circo Luci was pre-rehearsed in our Fort Lauderdale studios before on-site rehearsals.

With so many different types of entertainment presented in a linear fashion to the audience we felt that we needed to “reset” the audience’s perception and focus. We chose adding customized technical infrastructure from our inventory throughout the performance space as we thought it would be a differentiator for our presentation of Circo Luci. This specialized entertainment technical infrastructure could remain hidden and only revealed during our portion of the entertainment presentation. Working in conjunction with POET Technical Services and local production teams, POET Events installed multiple high speed flying systems, special effects, automated lighting and stage elevators into the corporate event space in the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.

This level of custom technical integration of the entertainment elements into an existing general session stage and set resulted in maximum production impact for the performance, as well as dramatically enhanced the cirque-style artists’ performances.

The five productions of Circo Luci performed at sea onboard the Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Solstice Class of vessels from 2008 to 2016 thrilling millions of spectators. These five shows have won several industry and cruisers’ choice awards including three Magellan awards from Travel Weekly for “best entertainment’ (1 Gold Magellan Award and 2 Silver Magellan Awards), a UK Cruiser’s Choice Award from Cruise Critic for best entertainment, and a Global Traveler Award for “best entertainment”. In addition to winning 2 Magellan Awards, Reflection from Circo Luci was hailed by the New York Times for its “eye-popping balancing acts”.

With the completion of its performances for Celebrity Cruise Lines in 2016, these five award-winning cirque-style shows from Circo Luci can now be enjoyed in the theaters, casinos, and in corporate events worldwide.

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