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Presentation Styles

There is a tremendous flexibility in presentation styles of entertainment for corporate events. The variety of types of corporate events (conventions, trade shows, incentive events, dinners, business sessions, product launches, product reveals or award shows for example) creates opportunities for inserting entertainment in unexpected locations or at in unexpected points in the event timeline. In addition to the opportunities created by the different types of corporate events, there are ample opportunities to tailor the entertainment to an extremely specific demographic.

Targeted Entertainment

By nature, corporate marketing events are tailored to a very specific target. For example, a golf equipment manufacturer might go far beyond just having an event for persons that like to play golf and might buy their new ergonomic driver.

Targeting can get much more granular: perhaps the target is narrowed to physicians that play golf and then further geo-targeted to physicians that play golf living near big courses that would benefit from a new driver.

From a creative standpoint, creating an experience that would entertain, delight and promote the company’s new product is much easier with a highly targeted audience, as well as much more effective. This live event, executed properly, leads to more sales and higher brand awareness, as well as creates “brand ambassadors” within the niche target.

Corporate Entertainment Presentation Styles

The POET Team is always exploring new ways to present event entertainment to heighten the guest experience. Over the past 20 years, we have crafted our corporate entertainment productions to be modular and adaptable for these various types of corporate events. Additionally, as corporate events transform and performance spaces are becoming more niche and product-related, we create presentation styles that work with the venue, event flow, event objective and client expectations.

Some examples of these adaptations of presentation style of entertainment for corporate events are:

Between Dinner Courses
The “between the dinner courses” entertainment event is one of our most popular corporate event entertainment packages. POET Events coordinates entertainment segments with dinner service throughout the evening. This unique corporate entertainment idea allows for seamless integration of entertainment within a corporate dinner event. Alternating food service with entertainment creates an opportunity to maximize the entertainment with fewer performers, saving money, increasing impact and delivering a better guest experience.

Content choices are virtually limitless for this type of presentation, and can range from comedy, vocalists, cirque-style acts, dance numbers, and skating.

Theater Performance
POET Events presents corporate entertainment “theater-style” show following dinner, awards, or other types of presentations. Seating configuration can be theater-style or banquet rounds similar to “dinner-theater”. Show length and entertainment content is completely customizable based on the event theming or corporate messaging.

This type of POET Events corporate event performance is most similar to what would be seen in a public presentation of a POET Theatricals live entertainment production in a casino or on tour in theaters.

Awards Programs
POET Events entertainment can be integrated into awards ceremonies, with performance segments introducing award presenters or award recipients. In certain situations, award recipients can be theatrically flown over the stage to receive their awards. Additionally, the POET Team has integrated full stage grand illusions and special effects to make an award recipient magically appear from lightning and smoke, real colored flame bursts or even thin air.

POET Events’ interactive performances combine ambient entertainment with focused corporate stage entertainment.

Ambient performers interact with event guests before and after the focused staged entertainment segments. This enables the event to flow seamlessly with entertainment throughout the evening. Remote satellite stages placed throughout the event space add an air of the unexpected as entertainment happens everywhere, on stage, in the audience and above the guests.

In multi-day events, the POET Team has created a learning, interactive cirque experience, “Cirque Us®”. Attendees attend multiple days of workshops to learn to perform circus skills. On the final day of the event, the attendees come together to perform on stage with professional acts (their instructors).

Business General Sessions
See immediate returns from business meeting entertainment and amp up an early morning business session with POET Events!

POET Events performers set the stage for your presenters and keynote speaker in your business meeting event. Segments can be as short as three minutes and can also be utilized as transitional elements between speakers to break up the flow or to add a physicality to corporate messaging. Entertainment acts and presentations can be crafted to support event messaging and enhance entertainment impact on attendees.

Trade Shows and Exhibits
Unique convention entertainment and draw focus to your booth with POET Events entertainment!

Grabbing attention on the trade floor and increasing booth traffic is key to increasing return on trade show marketing efforts and trade show entertainment. POET Events’ corporate entertainment for trade show events is custom-crafted to support marketing messaging and dramatically increases booth awareness and traffic.

Don’t see a presentation style or an entertainment package that fits your vision? The POET Events Team can custom-create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your attendees based on your idea!

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