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Cirque Noel

“twisting bodies, people flying through the air, and balancing that couldn’t possible be real”
Stars and Stripes
“high-energy imagination…”
944 Magazine

Cirque Noel® has been performing its unique holiday-themed cirque-style entertainment around the world since 1995. Now available for holiday corporate event entertainment, Cirque Noel can be customized for multiple venue types and event designs. Click the tabs below to learn more about Cirque Noel and how Cirque Noel can bring its unique style of cirque-style corporate entertainment to your next holiday special event.

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Cirque Noel is a fusion of cirque-style acrobatic, aerial performance, magic and dance woven into a joyous holiday theme.

The show is a journey through the different images of the holiday season, led by aerialists, acrobats, dancers, and fantasy creatures. Elves, hobgoblins, and fairies come together to create a fantasy tapestry of performance and movement.

The central character of the show is a journeyman in the search of the ‘spirit’ of the holidays. This character finds the true ‘spirit’ of the holidays in the finale, where all of the elements of the holidays combine to create the true ‘spirit’ of the season.

Between Dinner Courses
Cirque Noel coordinates holiday entertainment segments with venue dinner service throughout the evening’s event. This unique corporate entertainment presentation creates seamless integration of holiday entertainment within a corporate holiday dinner event. Entertainment impact is maximized with fewer performers, saving money, and delivering a better guest experience. The “between the dinner courses” holiday entertainment event is one of our most popular corporate event entertainment presentation styles.

Theater Performance
(table seating or theater style)
Cirque Noel performs a corporate “theater-style” holiday cirque-style show following dinner, awards, or other types of corporate presentations. The show’s length and holiday entertainment content can be completely customized based on the event’s holiday theming or corporate message. This type of Cirque Noel cirque-style corporate event performance is most similar to what would be seen in a public presentation of Cirque Noel in a casino showroom or on tour in theaters.

Cirque Noel interactive holiday performances combine ambient cirque-style entertainment with focused corporate staged holiday entertainment.

Cirque-style ambient performers interact with attendees before and after the focused staged holiday entertainment segments. This enables the holiday event to flow seamlessly with entertainment throughout the evening. Remote satellite stages placed throughout the holiday event space add an air of mystery, as entertainment happens everywhere, on stage, in the audience and above the guests.

All Cirque Noel holiday corporate event entertainment productions include the following content:

• Digital audio playback
• Cirque Noel show Costuming
• Cirque Noel show video media content (where applicable)
• Cirque Noel show Props and Equipment
• Cirque Noel Acrobatic Rigging
• Cirque Noel Technical Infrastructure (as needed)

Cirque Noel corporate holiday event productions can be scaled from a full public style show to much smaller footprint versions based on budget, event space and schedule restrictions.

Shipping requirements for Cirque Noel can be scaled up or down depending on show size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance. Cirque Noel can adapt to existing staging, lighting and rigging designs. Examples of Cirque Noel shipping requirements are:

• Pack and Fly Production
The “pack and fly” production of Cirque Noel is our most popular shipping option for corporate holiday entertainment events. Cirque Noel costumes and props “pack and fly” with Cirque Noel traveling cast and crew as excess airline baggage. Artistic aerial rigging in this version of Cirque Noel is limited to manual lifting and flying systems. This version of Cirque Noel is perfect for smaller corporate entertainment holiday events or holiday events where the Cirque Noel entertainment production is integrated into and existing stage and set layout. Video media reinforcement for Cirque Noel can be provided in advance to enhance the production.

• Soft Sets
Our “Soft Set” production version of Cirque Noel requires minimal freight for 2 road cases approximately 300 pounds each, containing the Cirque Noel backdrop and soft set elements for the entertainment production.

• Full Set
The “Full Set” production version of Cirque Noel includes the entire hard set of the show and the “soft set”. This version of Cirque Noel includes all of the stair units, multi level sets and other stage elements. This version travels in 24-foot to 53-foot trucks.

• Turn-key
Our “turn-key” production package for Cirque Noel includes all lighting, sound, video projection, LED, sets, soft goods, rigging and staging for the entertainment production of the entertainment event in a complete turn-key package. This version of Cirque Noel travels in two or three 53-foot tractor trailers, depending on the level of production support required.

• Flying Automation
Shipping requirements for the different flying automation packages are detailed on the POET Technical Services portion of the website. Note: there are manual performer flying systems available that can function for many corporate entertainment theatrical flying applications for Cirque Noel, in addition to motorized theatrical flying systems.

Click below to download a PDF of the Cirque Noel sample corporate holiday entertainment logistics and technical rider. Please note that this is a sample rider for Cirque Noel and is customized further depending on application, venue and version of the Cirque Noel production presented.


A. Cirque Noel is a cirque-style European theatrical circus (without animals) with a holiday theme.
A. This show is appropriate for all audiences and best fits in the holiday season.
A. Absolutely! Cirque Noel can be configured to perform in many different types of holiday corporate events. The show can be scaled from something as small as just a few cirque-style specialty acts performed on stage risers with minimal technical support, to the full public show holiday show and Cirque Noel’s entire set.
A. The public version of Cirque Noel features 18 to 26 performers. For holiday corporate performances this can be scaled down to as few as three specialty acts performing on stage.
A. The music for Cirque Noel is contemporary holiday music.
A. The length of the show is completely customizable for a holiday corporate event and can mesh with other elements in the event.
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