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“Eye-popping balancing acts.”
The New York Times
“Entertainment That’s As Good As Broadway.”
Condé Nast

Since 1993, Circo Luci® has thrilled millions of spectators worldwide with its unique brand of cirque-style entertainment for both public and corporate event audiences. Click the tabs below to learn more about Circo Luci and how Circo Luci can bring its unique style of corporate entertainment to your next event.

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Circo Luci, a combination of Spanish and Italian that translates as “the Circus of Light”, premiered in 2003. It is the endearing story of Divertente in search of the light of his life, Lucia wrapped in a theatrical european-styled circus. Bumbling through a surreal world of color and ambiguity, he stops along the way to sample points of light in the line of his life. Cirque-style performers bend light and inhabit the skies, creep in the shadows, lurk in the imagination, and astound in vivid light. Touring the world since, the original Circo Luci thrills audiences at corporate events, business sessions, under the big top and in theaters today.

• SOLSTICE from Circo Luci, began development in 2007, premiering in November 2008 on board the brand new Celebrity Solstice for an 8-year run. Centered around a theme of celestial positioning, this show began a three part series following the trails and tribulations of the 13th constellation, Ochi, as he searches for his place in the heavens.
• 2009 brought the premiere of the second story in the saga of the 13th constellation, EQUINOX, on board the Celebrity Equinox. Ochi seeks balance in this production as he presides over a group of forest dwellers as their celebrate the balance of earth.
• In 2010 we finish this Solstice-Class celestial trilogy with the premier of the final production, ECLIPSE, on board the Celebrity Eclipse. In this final installment, Ochi presides over a tribe in search of the mythical dragon that ate their sun. The tables turn as they find they hunt what they worship. ECLIPSE is currently scheduled for a six-year performance run Celebrity Eclipse before touring back on land.
• In 2011, Circo Luci released their 10th new production, SILHOUETTE, premiering with the launch of the Celebrity Silhouette in August 2011. The show follows a mischievous child that pulls his future from a magical box. Transported into a world of light and shadows, he sees his world grow up around him, filled with magical and mysterious characters. Silhouette from Circo Luci was awarded the 2012 Silver Magellan Award from Travel Weekly Magazine for entertainment.
• 2011 also saw the creation of a new touring Circo Luci production, FORTUNA. Building on the success of the original touring production of Circo Luci, the show continues to feature the colorful kaleidoscope of characters and personalities. FORTUNA, Italian for luck, focuses on a personage in search of the source of his fortune and why his stars align.
• In 2012, Circo Luci premiered Reflection with the launch of the Celebrity Reflection in November 2012. This rock opera circus follows the transformation of a normal audience member into a rock star. Reflection from Circo Luci is a two-time Travel Weekly’s Magellan Award winner with the Gold Magellan Award in 2013 and another Silver Magellan Award in 2014 for entertainment.
• Since our 2003 original production, we now have 13 original Circo Luci Productions, and millions of people have enjoyed our shows. We look forward to continuing to thrill audiences worldwide. Thanks for your support and we hope to see you soon at your corporate event.

Between Dinner Courses
Circo Luci coordinates entertainment segments with dinner service throughout the evening. Alternating food service with Circo Luci allows for seamless integration of Circo Luci cirque-style performances within a corporate dinner event. This also creates an opportunity to maximize the entertainment value with fewer performers, saving money, increasing impact and delivering a better guest experience. The “between the dinner courses” version of Circo Luci is one of our most popular corporate event cirque-style entertainment packages.

Theater Performance
(table seating or theater style)
Circo Luci performs a corporate entertainment “theater-style” show following dinner, awards, or other types of presentations. Circo Luci’s show length and entertainment content is completely customizable, and can be based on the event theming or corporate messaging. This type of Circo Luci cirque-style corporate event performance is most similar to what would be seen in a public presentation of Circo Luci in a casino or on tour in theaters.

Awards Programs
Circo Luci theatrical circus performers can be integrated into awards ceremonies, with performance segments introducing award presenters or award recipients. In certain situations, award recipients can be theatrically flown over the stage to receive their awards.

Circo Luci interactive performances combine ambient cirque-style entertainment with focused corporate stage entertainment.

Cirque-style ambient performers interact with event guests before and after the focused staged entertainment segments. This enables the event to flow seamlessly with entertainment throughout the evening. Remote satellite stages placed throughout the event space add an air of the unexpected as entertainment happens everywhere, on stage, in the audience and above the guests.

Business General Sessions
See immediate returns from business meeting entertainment and amp up an early morning business session with Circo Luci!

Circo Luci cirque-style performers set the stage for your presenters and keynote speaker in your business meeting event. Segments can be as short as three minutes and can also be utilized as transitional elements between speakers to break up the flow or to add a physicality to corporate messaging. Entertainment acts and presentations can be crafted to support event messaging and enhance entertainment impact on attendees.

Trade Shows and Exhibits
Showcase unique convention entertainment, and draw focus to your booth with Circo Luci!

Grabbing attention on the trade floor and increasing booth traffic is key to increasing return on trade show marketing efforts and trade show entertainment. Circo Luci corporate entertainment for trade show events is custom-crafted to support marketing messaging, and dramatically increases booth awareness and traffic.

Melodically mimicking the ever-changing effects of a vivid light display, the Circo Luci soundtrack illuminates rhythmic ambiguity.

Layers of strings provide a warm flowing undertone that pairs with the upbeat staccato feel of galactic sounding synths coupled with the pulsating beat of the bass drum; a riveting musical account of the variations of light and movement.

Quirky, surreal sounds parallel the physical manifestations of Circo Luci’s characters on stage, mirroring the infinite variety of movement and properties of light.

Original Compositions, Recording and Arrangements by Mike Meyer. Keyboard Programming by Mike Meyer. Guitars by Mike Meyer. Produced by Michael McPherson.

All Circo Luci corporate event entertainment productions include the following content:
• Original Soundtrack from the public Circo Luci production orchestrated and recorded by the Circo Luci creative team. Original soundtracks can be previewed on the iTunes store or on the Circo Luci website at www.circoluci.com.
• Digital audio playback
• Circo Luci show Costuming
• Circo Luci video media content (where applicable)
• Circo Luci Props and Equipment
• Acrobatic Rigging for the performance
• Technical Infrastructure (as needed)
Circo Luci corporate event productions can be scaled from a full public style production to smaller footprint productions based on budget, venue size and timing restrictions.

Shipping requirements can be scaled depending on Circo Luci show size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance. Circo Luci can adapt to existing staging, lighting and rigging layouts. Examples of shipping requirements are:

• Pack and Fly Production
The “pack and fly” production of Circo Luci is our most popular shipping option for corporate entertainment events. Show costumes and props pack and fly with traveling cast and crew as excess airline baggage. Artistic aerial rigging is limited to manual lifting and flying systems. This size production of Circo Luci is perfect for smaller corporate entertainment events or events where the entertainment production is integrated into an existing stage and set layout. Video media reinforcement for Circo Luci can be provided in advance to enhance the production.

• Soft Sets
Our “Soft Set” Circo Luci production requires minimal freight for 2 road cases, approximately 300 pounds each, that contain the Circo Luci backdrop and soft set elements for the show’s presentation. These elements may include projection surfaces depending on the version of Circo Luci presented for the corporate entertainment event.

• Full Set
The “Full Set” production of Circo Luci includes the entire hard set of the show and the “soft set”. This version of Circo Luci includes all of the stage elements. This version of Circo Luci travels in 24 foot to 53 foot trucks depending on the version of Circo Luci presented for the corporate entertainment event.

• Turn-Key
Our “turn-key” production package includes all lighting, sound, video projection, LED, sets, soft goods, rigging and staging for the production of Circo Luci in a complete turn-key package. This version travels in 2 or 3, 53’ tractor-trailers, depending on the level of production support required.

• Flying Automation
Shipping requirements for the different flying automation packages are detailed on the POET Technical Services portion of the website. Note that there are manual flying systems available that can function for many corporate entertainment theatrical flying applications, in addition to motorized theatrical flying systems.

Click below to download a PDF of the Circo Luci sample corporate entertainment logistics and technical rider. Please note that this is a sample rider and is customized further depending on application, venue and version of Circo Luci presented.


A. Circo Luci is a cirque-style European theatrical circus without animals.
A. This show is appropriate for all audiences.
A. Absolutely! Circo Luci can be configured to perform in many different types of corporate events. This can be scaled from something as small as just specialty acts performed on stage risers with minimal technical support, to the full public show and its entire set.
A. The public version of Circo Luci features 18 to 24 performers. For corporate performances this can be reduced to as few as three specialty acts performing on stage.
A. The music for all Circo Luci performances are originally recorded soundtracks for the show. The music for all of the different Circo Luci productions can be previewed on the Apple iTunes store.
A. As these are the original soundtracks of Circo Luci, there are not any music licensing fees.
A. The length of the show is completely customizable for a corporate event, depending on event timeline.
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