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“Entertainment That’s As Good As Broadway.”
Condé Nast
“Performances that rival Broadway, West End and Vegas.”
Global Traveler Magazine

Since 2011, Broadway Nights has enchanted audiences worldwide with it journey through the best of musical theater entertainment. Experience the great shows of musical theater all wrapped together in a tale of what it is like to be on Broadway. Now available for corporate event audiences, Broadway Nights brings the best of musical theater to your corporate or special event. Click the tabs below to learn more about Broadway Nights and how Broadway Nights can bring its unique style of visual corporate entertainment to your next event.

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Musical theater districts can be found all over the world, with the most famous and magical being New York City’s Broadway. Presented in a concert setting, Broadway Nights captures the energy of “opening night”, reliving the magic of Broadway’s best musicals.

Between Dinner Courses
Broadway Nights coordinates musical theater entertainment segments with dinner service throughout the evening. This unique corporate entertainment presentation allows for seamless integration of Broadway-style entertainment within a corporate evening dinner event. Alternating hotel dinner service with entertainment segments maximizes entertainment value with fewer performers, saving money, increasing impact and delivering a better attendee experience. The “between the dinner courses” entertainment event is one of our most popular presentation styles for corporate event entertainment.

Theater Performance
(table seating or theater style)

Broadway Nights performs a corporate “theater-style” show following dinner, awards, or other types of presentations. Show length and entertainment content is completely customizable based on the event theming or corporate messaging. This type of Broadway Nights musical theater corporate event performance is most similar to what would be seen in a public presentation of Broadway Nights in a casino or on tour in theaters.

All BROADWAY NIGHTS corporate event entertainment productions include the following content:
• Cover Soundtrack for the BROADWAY NIGHTS production orchestrated and recorded by the POET Theatricals creative team. Music will need to be cleared prior to use in the venue and show.
• Digital audio playback
• Show Costuming
• Show video media content (where applicable)
• Show Props and Equipment
• Acrobatic Rigging
• Technical Infrastructure (as needed)

The Broadway Nights corporate event production can be scaled from a full public style production to smaller footprint versions based on budget, venue size and timing restrictions.

Shipping requirements for Broadway Nights can be scaled depending on show size and scope of technical infrastructure required for the performance. The show can adapt to existing staging, lighting and rigging layouts. Examples of shipping requirements are:

• Pack and Fly Production
The “pack and fly” production is our most popular shipping option for corporate entertainment events. Broadway Nights costumes and props pack and fly with traveling cast and crew as excess airline baggage. Perfect for smaller corporate entertainment events or events where the entertainment production is integrated into and existing stage and set layout. Video media reinforcement can be provided in advance to enhance the production.

• Soft Sets
Our “Soft Set” production of Broadway Nights requires minimal freight for 2 road cases, approximately 300 pounds each, containing the soft goods and soft set elements for the show. The soft set elements may include projection surfaces depending on the BROADWAY NIGHTS version presented for the corporate entertainment event.

• Full Set
The “Full Set” production includes the entire hard set of Broadway Nights and the “soft set”. This version of the show includes all of the stair units, multi level sets and other stage elements. This version travels in 24-foot to 53-foot trucks.

• Turn-key
Our “turn-key” production package includes all lighting, sound, video projection, LED, sets, soft goods, rigging and staging for the Broadway Nights production in a complete turn-key package. This version of the show travels in 2 or 3, 53-foot tractor trailers, depending on the level of production support required.

Click below to download a PDF of the POET Events sample corporate entertainment logistics and technical rider for Broadway Nights. Please note that this is a sample rider and is customized further depending on application, venue and the version of Broadway Nights presented.


A. Broadway nights is a concert review performance featuring the hits of Broadway musicals performed live, backed by lavish dance production numbers.
A. This show is appropriate for audiences that enjoy musical theater and the musical hits of Broadway.
A. Absolutely! Broadway Nights can be configured to perform in many different types of corporate events. This can be scaled from something as small is just vocal numbers performed on stage risers with minimal technical support, to the full public show and its enormous gala stage.
A. The public version of the show features 18 performers. For corporate performances this can be scaled to as few as four vocalists performing on stage.
A. The music for the production was arranged and recorded in a studio for Poet Theatricals. The music used in Broadway Nights is a multi-track recording of the hits of Broadway Theater with a full background vocals and live instruments.
A. Based on the music tracks chosen for the performance, the tracks will need to be licensed before performance in front of a live audience.
A. The length of the show is completely customizable for a corporate event.
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