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Corporate Event Entertainment

To learn more about the different live entertainment productions from POET Events, please click on an image of the live production below and it will take you that show’s page.

Live entertainment productions from POET Theatricals have entertained over 8 million spectators in over 6,000 live performances over the last 20 years, and are offered to the corporate event entertainment market through POET Events.

POET shows are presented in casinos, theaters, tents, arenas, outdoor amphitheaters, custom-built spaces, and on cruise ships around the world. Our live entertainment productions have won multiple “best entertainment” awards from both critics and audiences alike, and have thrilled audiences worldwide.

These live productions are completely equipped with the highest quality production value and represent an over $12,000,000 capital expenditure in show sets, props, custom video technology and content, performer and presenter flying equipment, acrobatic rigging, show costumes and music (original soundtracks and original recordings). The live productions were designed to be adaptable and can be customized to different stage orientations, technical layouts, ceiling heights and specific venue restrictions.

Each of the show pages of the live productions include:

Each of the show pages of the live productions include:
  • Background history of the show and its performance history.
  • Awards the production has won (if applicable).
  • The “Show Detail” tab show gives an overview of the production.
  • The “Presentation Style” tab details the different types of presentation style this production is most suited.
  • If available, in the “Video” tab, a short theatrical trailer recorded during the live performance.
  • The “Image Gallery” tab shows photographs of performance where you can see costumes, sets, lighting design and concept.
  • Reviews from corporate clients, newspapers and critics.
  • The “Logistics” tab which details the logistics of presenting a production in a corporate event. This tab contains extensive detail on the included equipment with the show, shipping requirements, and a download link for a sample corporate rider.
  • If the show has an original soundtrack, there are links to preview the soundtrack on iTunes in the “Soundtrack” tab.
  • The “FAQ” tab contains frequently asked questions from companies and corporate event producers about producing the show for their corporate event.

Please click on the different tabs to open up additional information about the various productions and their requirements for corporate events. The bottom of the page also shows different related productions available for corporate events if the show you are viewing is not the best fit with your event concept or attendee demographic.
Don’t see a production that fits with your audience or have a custom event idea? The POET Events team can also create and produce custom live entertainment for “one-off” corporate events. POET has one of the world’s largest inventories of specialty theatrical performance equipment, including sets, performer flying winches and custom costuming that can be combined into custom corporate event entertainment.

Theatricals show or custom live entertainment for your corporate event? Please contact us to learn more, we would be happy to help!

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