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Since 1996, POET Events has designed and produced entertainment marketing for some of the world’s largest companies in their product launches, corporate special events, business sessions, conventions, trade show events, and corporate incentive events.

POET Events’ client list boasts some of the world’s largest corporations, including IBM, Oracle, FIAT, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Bayer and Allergan and we have worked with some of the leading corporate event planners executing corporate event entertainment marketing concepts. Our team has customized and produced live entertainment segments of POET Theatricals’ public show roster and have also created unique live entertainment productions which have been conceived, constructed and executed to the clients’ specifications. We are known for leveraging our years of experience producing public live entertainment into corporate special event entertainment, resulting in unique attendee experiences and events with lasting impact.

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Using portions of an existing live entertainment production has many benefits for corporate events, and there is a tremendous flexibility in presentation styles of entertainment. There are many different types of corporate events (awards programs, conventions, trade shows, incentive events, dinners, business sessions, product launches, and product reveals are examples). This variety creates opportunities for placing entertainment in unusual locations or in unexpected points in the event timeline.

To keep the guest experience fresh, the POET Team constantly develops new ways to present event entertainment. Over the past 20 years, we have crafted our corporate entertainment productions to be modular and adaptable for various types of corporate events as well as event location variances. Some of the synergies and benefits or modular and adaptable live entertainment include: lower overall event production costs, ease of implementation, reduced risk and ultimately a better guest live entertainment event experience.


In association with POET Theatricals, POET Events has the ability to leverage proven, original, live entertainment content from over 28 different live public entertainment productions into their clients’ customized corporate entertainment presentations. POET Theatricals’ extensive library of pre-produced entertainment gives a corporate event producer the ability to leverage over 12 million dollars of capital expenditure in custom live entertainment elements created over a 20-year period.

Examples of some of these entertainment assets and the potential value-add for corporate events include:

  • Custom-built gala and award presentation sets. These stage sets feature grand curving staircases and integrated LED video and lighting effects.
  • Modern custom sets with curved truss towers. These custom-built truss tower sets are configurable into a multitude of different event configurations.
  • Large multilevel theatrical sets that feature faux brick walls and antique theatrical props.
  • Unique video projection effects and video content libraries that can be used both in on-stage applications or in ambient applications.
  • Computer-controlled mobile rain curtains and mobile performance stage.
  • Sixty-foot wide by eleven-foot tall computer-controlled louvered blind system suitable for presenter entrances and projection effects.
  • Custom-built scenic motorized computer-controlled roll drops.
  • Colored flame and propane special effects.
  • One of the world’s largest inventories of custom high speed performer flying winches and infrastructure, suitable for aerial acrobatic performance, aerial effects as well as for business session presenter flying.
  • Ten original full-length theatrical soundtracks.
  • Eleven original recordings of pop, rock and musical theater soundtracks.
  • Costume inventory of over 7500 costumes from all genres.
  • Large in-house inventory of grand illusions ranging from small stage appearances and effects to full size stage illusion and 40 person magical appearances.
The corporate event producer can “mix and match” elements from this extensive inventory of unique special live entertainment effects and show content to create a custom live experience for their guests. “Value” perception risk is reduced dramatically using elements from the POET Theatricals’ live entertainment library versus attempting to create a “one-off” effect or live entertainment segment. Entertainment “modules” from POET Theatricals’ live shows are proven live entertainment elements, performed in thousands of live productions and seen by millions of people. These entertainment “modules” have been rehearsed, honed and polished over years of live performance for maximum audience impact.





Management of live event costs, client perception of value and ROEI (return on entertainment investment) is crucial as corporate special event budgets have shrunk. By reusing custom-built entertainment infrastructure, event planners can create a live entertainment experience at a fraction of the cost and with less time investment, versus creating complex entertainment elements.

POET Events uses this content-leveraging concept, combined with modular and flexible entertainment segments, across a corporate live entertainment event to deliver unique, spectacular corporate entertainment at attractive price points, thrilling audiences and delivering tremendous return on entertainment investment.

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