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Turnkey Entertainment for Corporate Events

Creating experiences with impact is complex. Good thing we’re experts.

Turnkey Entertainment

Turnkey theatrical entertainment for corporate events, meetings and product launches.

Integration Capability

Integrate existing theatrical productions into your event, saving time, money, and resulting in better execution.

Experienced Team

Over 20 years global experience in the event entertainment industry.

Custom Experiences

Have a unique idea for your event? We can create custom experiences based on your vision.


A company is making an expenditure on their corporate event in hopes of a higher return on its investment in the future. The event is part of the advertising budget (in the case of a promotional event) or sales budget (in the case of an incentive event). The event is a vehicle to build its business, promote its brand and to raise awareness of its products and services. From an entertainment producer’s perspective, we call this “return on entertainment investment”.

Every tool used in the production of the corporate event (especially entertainment) must maintain that singular focus of the “WHY” in this process, and how can we maximize the return.

The POET Events team has over 20 years experience in creating unique entertainment experiences for corporate events and has worked with local event production companies worldwide. Our focus is creating entertainment experiences with impact for the attendees, as well as delivering tangible return on entertainment investment (ROEI).

The POET Team has a unique insight into the marketing messaging side of producing corporate events, and focuses the production of corporate entertainment solely to promote the client’s marketing message.


“Maximum return from a minimum investment” is an investor’s mantra, similar to “buy low and sell high” (it is actually the same thing). Employing leverage and borrowing all you can to “buy a lot low and sell a lot high” maximizes returns even further. But what’s the catch?


How can you “de-risk” the investment and maintain the leverage?

How do you get great results and stay within budget?

You leverage other assets with minimal cost and no risk exposure.

What are the risks in producing entertainment for a corporate event?

One Shot

A corporate event is a one-time chance to make a great impression. It can be for a new billion dollar product (car, drug, cruise ship), and then all of the chips are on the table and the live presentation has to work.


This one is very hard to control as entertainment value is incredibly subjective.


Is the entertainment appropriate? Does it fit your audience? Is it too niche? Too broad?


Custom effects are great – when they work. Custom effects that include companies’ products have the most impact as they are always tied into the message or are the message.

How do you reduce risk producing a corporate event?

Increase perceptive value. Make sure that what people experience is far beyond their expectations by leveraging infrastructure.

Remove comparisons. You cannot rate what you cannot compare. Build something truly unique.

Bring a bigger hammer. We believe in the bigger hammer theory in our approach to event entertainment. Don’t just “wow” the guests, blow them out of the water. Over-the-top creativity, unbelievable attention to detail, flawless execution, and backup plans A, B, C and D are all just hammers in your toolbox.

In the last 20 years, the POET Team has amassed over twelve million dollars in specialized entertainment infrastructure that we leverage into corporate events, and public theatrical productions for our clients. Our arsenal of experience, technology and entertainment, proven in over six thousand live shows in front of over eight million spectators, enables us to out-produce our competition on every level.


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